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2023 Lancaster Archery Classic

2023 Lancaster Archery Classic

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The largest indoor archery tournament on the East Coast kicks off at noon Thursday, Jan. 26, when the first line commences shooting at the 2023 Lancaster Archery Classic, which runs through Sunday, Jan. 29. More than 2,500 archers from all over the world are expected to compete at this year’s Classic, being held at the […]
Thermal Arm Sleeves By Fourth Arrow

Thermal Arm Sleeves By Fourth Arrow

1 min
Fourth Arrow recently announced the release of their newest product and first ever hunting garment, Thermal Arm Sleeves. Whether you’re walking to your stand in the morning, or backpacking through mountainous terrain, overheating can always be an issue. But with the Thermal Arm Sleeves, you can cool off without having to take off all your […]
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2023 Mathews IMAGE™ Low Poundage Bow

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New for 2023, Mathews introduces the IMAGE™ hunting bow to provide premium features and technology for low poundage archers. The IMAGE™ is the perfect bow for any hunter that prioritizes speed and top of the line innovation but requires a lower draw weight. Equipped with specially designed limbs, the IMAGE™ is available in 40, 43, 47, and […]
Feradyne® Outdoors Acquires Outdoor Product Innovations

FeraDyne® Outdoors Acquires Outdoor Product Innovations

1 Min Read
FeraDyne® Outdoors, a multi-brand family of archery, hunting, and outdoor industry products, announces the acquisition of Outdoor Product Innovations, Inc. (OPI). OPI is the parent company to the Rhino Blinds, Rhino Tree Stands, Capsule Game Feeders®, Wicked Tree Gear™, LidCAM, and LegCuff brands. OPI’s diverse suite of brands adds to FeraDyne’s growing position in the general […]
Huntstand Announces New App Tier Focused On Whitetail Deer

HuntStand Announces New App Tier Focused on Whitetail Deer

3 Min Read
Assembling a wide range of powerful and dynamic data to deliver the most influential app tier ever offered, HuntStand® is proud to announce Pro Whitetail. Through extensive research, data engineering, and partner resource development, HuntStand has compiled the most robust series of white-tailed deer focused app features in the platform’s history.  Pro Whitetail allows HuntStand users […]
alabama Pastor And Hunter Introduces First In New Series Of Children’s Hunting Books

New Children's Hunting Book "Birthday Buck" by Jimmy Tidmore

2 Min Read
Alabama author, pastor and avid outdoorsman, Dr. Jimmy Tidmore, is launching his new book, “Birthday Buck,” which combines the true story of his son’s first buck with a fun, fictional element that adds a bit of excitement while teaching kids some valuable life lessons. First in The Hunt Club Kids Book Series, “Birthday Buck” is […]

Elite Mid-Layer Versatility With ScentLok

2 Min Read
Experienced bowhunters understand that no single garment can do it all. That’s why many build an apparel “toolkit” from which they can select or combine individual pieces to optimize comfort in any conditions, from the sweltering heat of the early season through the stinging cold of the late season and anything in between. The most […]
Millennium Treestands New Gb 100 Buck Blind

Millennium Treestands New GB-100 Buck Blind

2 Min Read
Ground blinds for hunting come in all styles, shapes, and sizes. Durability and reliability, especially during periods of nasty weather, are as essential to a hunter as concealment. Lightweight pop-up blinds have their place, but many hunters opt to situate a blind in a desirable location and leave it for weeks or longer. It’s frustrating […]
Serious Hunters Gear Up With Easton Fmj

Serious Hunters Gear Up with Easton FMJ

1 min
Metal-jacketed micro carbon arrows are field-proven for big game hunters seeking to maximize broadhead penetration to kill quicker and increase game recovery. The Easton Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) arrow uses a durable carbon backbone combined with an aluminum jacket to combine into the most effective arrow available to bowhunters. FMJ arrows extract more energy from […]
Sevr Broadheads In Stock And On Sale Now

SEVR Broadheads in Stock and on Sale Now

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Gear up for hunting season with great deals on the full SEVR lineup of broadheads. The titanium 2.0 has a more swept-back blade angle, re-engineered deployment arm geometry, and an improved 2” cutting diameter.  The SEVR Titanium 1.5 uses the same basic design as the Ti 2.0 but features a specific blade configuration for hunters who need […]