Todd & Justin’s Bowhunting Gear

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Want to know what gear Todd & Justin take into the woods with them? Look no further! We’ve assembled a comprehensive list of their preferred hunting equipment.

2019 Mathews Vertix


Rock solid and deadly quiet, the Vertix is one of our favorite Mathews bows of all time. Switchweight modules allow you to change peak draw weight in 5 pound increments. Both Todd and Justin are shooting the Vertix set at 60-65 pounds.

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HHA Optimizer Tetra Sight

Loaded with features no other bow sight can offer, the Optimizer Tetra is our go-to sight for every hunting scenario.  The ability to fine-tune your yardage settings on the fly has made a huge difference in our accuracy both on the range and in the field.


HHA Virtus Fall Away Rest

The Virtus Fall Away Rest was built with the hardcore bowhunter in mind.  It provides deadly accuracy with the rock-solid dependability and lifetime warranty that HHA Sports is known for.

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TightSpot Compact 5 Arrow Quiver

Easy to put on, easy to take off and the adjustable arrow gripper works great with any diameter arrow. The better bow balance and adjustable position is why we shoot a TightSpot Quiver.

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Black Eagle Rampage Arrows

This micro-diameter arrow shaft offers great penetration due to less surface friction as it passes through the target.  Black Eagle’s stainless steel half-in/half-outserts provided added weight up front for increased FOC and better penetration.

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NAP Spitfire XXX Broadheads – Justin

The proven design of the Spitfire XXX mechanical broadhead gives Justin a 2″ cutting diameter and has field point accuracy. It’s Justin’s preferred broadhead for both big game animals like elk and deer, as well as small game like turkey.

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NAP Killzone Maxx – Todd

The Killzone Maxx is NAP’s largest cutting diameter broadhead in the Killzone line. The devastating 2-3/8″ cutting diameter along with Killzone’s rear-deploying design and patented blade retention technology makes it an easy choice for Todd to use.

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Lone Wolf Alpha Hang-On Treestand

Simply the best fixed-position treestand that money can buy. Super lightweight and pack-able makes for a great run-and-gun setup. We’ve relied on Lone Wolf treestands to get the job done and keep us safe for almost 2 decades.

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Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks

The perfect combination for your Alpha Hang-On, we typically use 4 or 5 climbing sticks to reach our desired hunting location.  Don’t forget to pick up some strap extensions for those extra large trees!


Hunter Safety System Lifeline

We never climb a tree without being attached at all times, and you shouldn’t either! The new reflective Lifelines make finding your stand in the dark a breeze, and the cowbell carabiner cover dampens the noise of the steel carabiner.

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Hunter Safety System Pro Series Safety Harness

Our choice for a harness that’s light, comfortable, easy to use. It keeps us safe every time we climb a tree and with more pockets than ever before, the Pro Series vest has a built in USB port for charging of camera gear, and extra batteries.

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Scent-Lok Full Season Taktix Jacket

ScentLok’s new NeverWet technology and industry-leading scent-control technology is why the Taktix has been Todd and Justin’s go-to jacket in any situation. Add in a few base layers underneath, the Taktix Jacket keeps us warm well in to November.

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Buck Bomb Scents

Buck Bomb makes some of the best natural and synthetic scents in the industry. Their wide variety of scents in the spray cans and easy-to-use dropper bottles has us covered from pre-season, until late winter.

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Lacrosse Aerohead Sport – Todd

Designed for optimal fit and flexibility, the waterproof AeroHead Sport is built for ultimate comfort and keeps Todd light on his feet. Lacrosse replaced the rubber shell with an extremely durable, lightweight, and insulating polyurethane.

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Danner Pronghorn – Justin

Justin has ditched the rubber boots and replaced them with the Danner Pronghorn boots. 100% waterproof and breathable, the Gore-Tex liner ensures that no water is getting in, while also remaining light and breathable.

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TenPoint Nitro XRT

The Nitro XRT is the most compact model that TenPoint has ever made. It offers a deadly combination of speed, and performance. When we bring the Nitro XRT, it will almost guarantee that any deer in range is going to be harvested quickly, and quietly.

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YETI Hopper Flip 18

Whether we’re out doing treestand maintenance, or sitting all day in a ground blind, the YETI Hopper is our choice for snack and beverage containment. It’s extremely durable, leakproof, and versatile, as well as very quiet and easy to carry around.


HME Scent Slammer Bag w/Ozone

A new tool in our scent control arsenal the Scent Slammer bag uses ozone technology to destroy odor on our gear in between hunts. It kills bacteria and virus, and is 100% chemical-free. Trust us, this thing works!

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Stealth Cam GXATWK Wireless Combo Kit

The GXATW combo kit includes a Stealth Cam GX AT&T Wireless trail camera, and a 12v rechargeable battery box. The wireless ability is a great tool for gathering scouting data when we’re stuck at work.

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Scent-A-Way MAX

Our choice for scent killing spray is Scent-A-Way® MAX. Their continuous spray bottle is extremely convenient when spraying down our boots, and when carrying around scent killer in the woods.

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America’s Best Bowstrings Platinum Series

Our entire team shoots America’s Best strings and can attest to the fact that they have ZERO stretch or peep rotation. Visit their website and get your customized bowstring NOW!


Lumenok HD Orange

When it comes to filming hunts, having a lighted nock is essential for determining where shot placement was. We use Lumenok’s because of their reliability, brightness, and durability.

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