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Wildlife Research Center Next Generation Bio Synthetic Scents

Wildlife Research Center: Next Generation Bio-Synthetic Scents

1 min
Wildlife Research Center introduces the new groundbreaking, Next Generation Bio-Synthetic Scents for a stronger, richer, more realistic smell.  These new technologically advanced formulas are Bio-Engineered through a proprietary process to simulate the smell and makeup of real deer urine.  Their breakthrough Scent Reflex Technology enhances them for an even stronger, more consistent response.   Extra Potent, […]
08/8/2023August 8, 2023
Golden Estrus Xtreme

Golden Estrus Xtreme

1 min
Extra Long Range – Premium Estrus Scent Wildlife Research Center introduces Golden Estrus Xtreme in the new 2 OZ squirt top bottle. Golden Estrus Xtreme is made with our premium Golden Estrus Scent and intensified for extra-long range. This proprietary process makes it stronger, more intense, and longer reaching. The squirt top bottle is equipped […]
08/4/2023August 4, 2023
Get Maximum Penetration For Tough Western Game

Get Maximum Penetration For Tough Western Game

1 Min Read
SEVR, a leading hunting equipment manufacturer, offers the SEVR 1.5″ Broadhead, designed for penetration on challenging Western game. With its innovative features and exceptional results, the SEVR 1.5″ Broadhead is set to optimize hunting experiences this fall. The patented Lock-and-Pivot™ technology sets SEVR Broadheads apart. Its non-barbed blades lock open upon impact and pivot to […]
07/19/2023July 19, 2023
New Easton 5mm Legacy Fred Eichler Signature Arrow

NEW Easton 5MM Legacy Fred Eichler Signature Arrow

1 min
One hundred years ago in 1922, Doug Easton began creating the finest hand-crafted custom bows and cedar arrows in his garage in Watsonville, California. Today, there’s no better testament to Doug’s unmatched legacy of quality and innovation than the NEW 5mm Carbon Legacy Fred Eichler Signature Edition. Easton has partnered with renowned bowhunter Fred Eichler […]
07/18/2023July 18, 2023
Get Up To $30 Back On Fmj™ Arrows

Get up to $30 Back on FMJ™ Arrows

1 min
For a limited time, Easton is offering a great deal on the industry’s flagship hunting arrows—the 4mm and 5mm Full Metal Jacket.  FMJ arrows are built in Easton’s Utah factory using an advanced carbon shaft core with a metal jacket overlay.  The carbon core gives the arrow lightweight strength while the aluminum alloy jacket adds […]
07/14/2023July 14, 2023
Elementor #157947

Moose Utility Division New UTV Spare Belt Case

1 min
Moose Utility Division and Moose Racing would like to introduce our new UTV Spare Belt Case. If you are carrying an extra drive belt with you make it last by protecting it from the elements and UV light degradation. These are constructed of UV resistant injection molded plastic and feature a water-resistant gusset on the […]
07/12/2023July 12, 2023
Huntstand's Total Whitetail Property Makeover

HuntStand's Total Whitetail Property Makeover

1 Min Read
What’s the full potential of your deer hunting ground? Some minor tweaks in your gear and strategies might help you get an edge this season, but we want to help you think BIG by giving you a total whitetail property makeover! 3 Ways To Enter Total Whitetail Property Makeover Tell us why your property is […]
06/28/2023June 28, 2023