Jul 21, 2024What Would Fred Bear Say?

Top 10 Bowhunters of All Time

Bowhunting has its fair share of legends, both past and present. Here's a look at who some consider the top 10 bowhunters of all time.
by David Butler07/21/2024July 21, 2024
Jul 17, 2024P&y World Record Whitetail Velvet Bucks

New P&Y Velvet Buck World Records

Two new world records have been crowned by the Pope & Young Club. Check out these new P&Y velvet buck world records.
by Brodie Swisher07/17/2024July 17, 2024
Jul 15, 2024Ozonics HR600 ozone generator.

Ozonics HR600 Ozone Generator Review

“The technology you use impresses no one.  The experience you create with it is everything.”  This quote by Sean Gerety was used in a discussion about user-interface (UI) design, but I’ve often found it applicable to the modern hunting landscape.   It’s not the technology that we care about, it’s how we use it to help […]
by Justin Zarr07/15/2024July 15, 2024
Jul 15, 2024Hard Mast Vs. Soft Mast For Deer

Hard Mast vs. Soft Mast for Deer

Want to provide more food on your hunting property this season? Here's a look at what to know on hard mast vs. soft mast for deer.
by Brodie Swisher07/15/2024July 15, 2024
Jul 8, 20245 Reasons You Should Start A Mock Scrape Now

Why You Should Start a Mock Scrape Now

Can mock scrapes really play a role in the success of your deer season? Here are 5 reasons you should start a mock scrape now.
by David Butler07/8/2024July 8, 2024
Jul 5, 20245 Life Saving Skills Every Hunter Should Have

5 Life Saving Skills Every Hunter Should Have

Don't wait until you're in a mess to get serious about survival skills. Here's a look at 5 life saving skills every hunter should have.
by Brodie Swisher07/5/2024July 5, 2024
Jul 3, 2024Driving Vs. Flying For Your Hunts

Driving vs. Flying for Your Destination Hunts

Will you drive or fly for your hunts this fall? They both have their pros and cons. Here's a few things to consider before you decide.
by Ralph Scherder07/3/2024July 3, 2024
Jun 28, 2024Mystery Ranch Metcalf Hunting Pack Review

Mystery Ranch Metcalf Hunting Pack Review

Looking for a new pack for your big game hunts? Check out one of our favorites in our Mystery Ranch Metcalf hunting pack review.
by Brodie Swisher06/28/2024June 28, 2024