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Crossbow Basics

Learn the basics of crossbow hunting including information on how to correctly and safely set up, sight in, and shoot your crossbow both on the range and in the field.

How To Shoot A Crossbow While Saddle Hunting

How To Shoot A Crossbow While Saddle Hunting

2 Min Read
A huge advantage of hunting with a crossbow, is the fact that you can almost always have an arrow loaded and ready. Many hunters love using a crossbow while doing spot-and-stalk hunts, or while still hunting. But sometimes when you find good sign, it’s best to stay in place. So why not have the mobility […]
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Why You Should Shoot Lighted Crossbow Nocks for Hunting

3 Min Read
Lighted nocks are a genius product. Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that the lighted nock is one of the slickest creations the archery world has ever seen.  Aside from delivering a more enjoyable shooting experience, there are some real practical reasons for shooting lighted crossbow nocks. Here’s a look at […]
Frequently Asked Questions About Crossbows & Crossbow Hunting

Frequently Asked Questions About Crossbows & Crossbow Hunting

In the past decade or so, crossbow hunting has quickly become one of the most effective ways of growing the sport of hunting. But there are still a lot of questions surrounding the activity. To make things easier, we decided to answer some of the frequently asked questions about crossbows and crossbow hunting… 1) Is […]

How Far Should I Shoot With A Crossbow

4 Min Read
Over the past few years, crossbows have been developed to be shorter and narrower, and can shoot faster and harder than ever before. As a result, many crossbow hunters are wondering if they can extend their effective ranges, due to the changing technology. Take a look at this video to understand the most practical and […]

Aluminum Vs. Carbon Arrows For Crossbows

2 Min Read
With the wide array of crossbow arrows available on the market, it can be a confusing process when choosing to buy new arrows. Many hunters want to know whether they’re better off with a carbon, or aluminum arrow, and the answer isn’t as simple as you think. Check out the TenPoint video below for a full comparison […]

Heavy vs. Light Arrows For Crossbows

3 Min Read
When it comes to arrow choice, there’s a wide array of manufacturers and arrow types. There’s aluminum and carbon arrows, and there are 3 main arrow weights in the crossbow industry. Take a look at this video that breaks down how to choose what weight is right for your crossbow arrows… Crossbow Arrow Basics Info When […]

Crossbow Maintenance Tips

1 Min Read
If maintained properly, most crossbows can last you many years depending on usage. But without proper maintenance, issues can occur that might require you to replace or re-string your crossbow. Here are a few tips for maintaining your crossbow… Crossbow Lubrication Tips Most new crossbows nowadays are becoming narrower, and faster. The use of a […]

How To Sight In Your Crossbow Scope

2 Min Read
Most crossbows are now sold with a scope as part of the package. There are 2 main types of crossbow scopes out there, the Multi-Line (or Multi-Reticle), and the Variable Power scope. There are many similarities between the two scopes, but the main difference is that the Variable Power scope can be calibrated for the […]
Learn The Crossbow Basics

Learn the Crossbow Basics

9 Min Read
Anyone who is involved with the hunting industry and has any sense at all will agree that the fastest growing segment of the outdoor industry today is the exploding crossbow market. With each passing year, more and more companies are jumping into the crossbow pool for an exciting and refreshing dip and a chance to […]