Hunting Gear

The amount of hunting gear available to today’s bowhunter can be overwhelming.  Here we break down the different types of hunting gear to learn what it is, how it works and how you can use it when bowhunting.

Thermal For Bowhunters? Check Out The Pulsar Axion

Using Thermal Imaging for Bowhunting

2 Min Read
When the topic of thermal imaging comes up, we typically think of hog & predator hunting at night. These are the kind of hunts that put thermal optics on the map for hunting purposes. But how can thermal imaging be of benefit for bowhunters? Today we’re going to take a quick look at how using […]

Will Your Treestand Fail This Season?

6 Min Read

Treestand accidents happen every year due to use and abuse. Will your treestand fail this season? Here's how to prevent a disaster in the woods.

Hunter packing a climbing treestand on his back.

How To Use A Climbing Treestand

6 Min Read
A climbing tree stand offers bowhunters the ability to move around from place to place with minimal effort, thus being able to hunt where the sign is the freshest.  Here’s a few pointers on how to use a climbing treestand safely in order to maximize your chances for success. Climbing stands like those made by […]
Boots For Bowhunters

Boots For Bowhunters

9 Min Read
Boots are the tires in which the bowhunter drives. And, just like different tires are required on a vehicle, different boots are needed for the bowhunter under various hunting conditions. Hunting boots are made using three primary materials; rubber, leather, and fabric. Many of today’s boots are made with full fabric outers, or combinations or […]
Spotting Scopes For Bowhunting

Spotting Scopes For Bowhunting

3 Min Read
A spotting scope is a compact telescope intended for distant observation and is best served when magnifications are needed beyond the range of average binoculars. Spotting scopes can be an invaluable tool for glassing long distances without spooking game. They’re fairly light in weight and pack a powerful punch when used in hunting applications.  Most […]
Bowhunter carrying backpack in mountains

Backpacks for Bowhunting

4 Min Read
Bowhunters are living in an age of endless backpack options. Each pack is highly advanced in comparison to those made “back in the day”. A quality backpack will allow you to carry a variety of hunting gear in a comfortable and secure manner. Today, designers use top of the line materials as they push the […]
The Basics Of Hunting Optics

The Basics of Hunting Optics

7 Min Read
While some hunters enjoy small handy binoculars that can fit into a shirt pocket others like binoculars that sit on a tripod and can really pull a distant object in close. No matter which style of binocular you prefer there is no questioning the benefit that good optics can have on your bow hunting success. […]