Archery Basics

Bowhunting is half hunting and half archery.  Mastering the basics of archery will allow you to become a more proficient, and successful, bowhunter.

How To Sight In A Bow

3 Min Read
Learning how to sight in a bow is a fairly simple process yet one that must be mastered if you hope to be accurate on the range or in the field.  This step by step guide will walk you through the process of getting your sight dialed up so you’ll be shooting bulls eyes in […]
Blank Bailing

How To Cure Target Panic

6 Min Read
Target Panic, in its purist sense, is a form of shot anticipation.  The archer tries to command the shot at the exact moment the sight pin rolls onto the target.  Some individuals can shoot reasonably well using this technique. Eventually though, if left unchecked, this procedure will morph itself into a crippling disorder that will […]

How To Mount An Arrow Quiver

2 Min Read
Learning how to mount an arrow quiver to your bow is a simple task that only takes a few minutes, sometimes less.
Archer working on compound bow

How To Mount A Bow Sight

2 Min Read
Learning how to mount a bow sight is relatively simple and will allow you to work on your bow at home without the need of a bow shop or technician.

Understanding Arrow FOC %

3 Min Read
In simplest terms, an arrow’s Front Of Center (or FOC) refers to the percent difference between the physical midpoint of the arrow and the actual balance point of the arrow as compared to the total length. Understanding arrow FOC is important for many reasons, especially if the bowhunter chooses to shoot fixed-blade broadheads. Most notably, […]
Why The Bow String Hits Your Arm

Why The Bow String Hits Your Arm

1 Min Read
A common problem that beginning archers run into is the bow string slapping their forearm when they shoot.  Many novice archers have left the range with bruises and welts thanks to these common causes.  Here’s what they are and how you can easily prevent them. Bow strings traveling at high speeds can leave a nasty […]
Bowhunter at full draw showing bow grip

How To Grip A Bow For Better Accuracy

3 Min Read
When it comes to consistency, look no further than the way you place your hand on your bow. It is here that accuracy can be increased or decreased. The way one holds his hand influences many different factors in how his bow reacts to the shot, and it is the foundation of proper shooting form. […]
Archer shooting Mathews bow

Proper Form For Shooting A Bow

4 Min Read
Hunting is a physically demanding sport, make no doubt about it. Whether bowhunting from a treestand in frigid temperatures, getting caught in a rainstorm at 10,000 feet, or carefully trying to keep up to a herd of elk in the backcountry…all of that puts a strain on your body. When the moment of truth arrives, […]
Arrow from bow at release

How Much Kinetic Energy For Bowhunting?

4 Min Read
Although it is often discussed in the archery and bowhunting world, kinetic energy is not at all specific to bows and arrows.  Kinetic energy is a concept of physics – a way to quantify the energy that an object possesses due to motion. In the world of physics there are various formulas for calculating the […]
Bowhunter at full draw

How Much Draw Weight For Hunting?

3 Min Read
Before we dive right into how much draw weight you need for hunting let’s take a look at what draw weight is and how various factors go into determining what the proper draw weight is for you. What Is Draw Weight? Draw weight is a measurement (in pounds) of the force required to draw (or […]