Easton Introduces Premier Half-out 4mm Arrow Components

By Paul BossardetDecember 13, 2023

Bowhunters have been using half-out inserts for several years, and there have always been complaints about misalignment between the half-out insert and the arrow shaft. With the introduction of 4mm diameter arrows, this issue has become more prominent. Easton has introduced their solution to this issue with their new Match Grade Half-out inserts designed for their 4mm arrows. 

These inserts come in four different weight/material options.

  • 55-grain aluminum 
  • 75-grain half steel
  • 100-grain titanium/ steel
  • 150-grain full steel
Easton Introduces Premier Half Out 4mm Arrow Components

Within the 55, 75, and 100-grain options there are 5 available sizes to match up with the different arrow shaft diameters, to ensure a smooth transition from arrow shaft to insert. The new insert design also features a zero-tolerance alignment ring so the insert sits vertically center on the shaft of the arrow.

Half-out inserts have been known to have issues with impact protection. Easton has addressed that issue in their new inserts with a protective collar that covers the post and the front of the arrow where older inserts would just cover the end of the arrow. This design will increase impact protection making for a more reliable arrow setup. 

For more information on the new Match Grade half-outs from Easton head over to 


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