SPYPOINT Link-Micro Review

SPYPOINT trail cameras are not new to the trail camera market, but the company has gained recent popularity due to the wide array of cameras they offer. One in particularl, the Link-Micro, is SPYPOINT’s newest 2019 cellular camera. At $150 MSRP and the size of your palm, this camera is sure to get plenty of attention. Let’s take a look at some strong points, a few places that need improvement, and gauge the overall value of the SPYPOINT Link-Micro.


The palm-size Link-Micro is incredibly packable.


The first thing you’ll notice with the Link-Micro is the price. Wow. For $150, this may be the year you finally pull the trigger on a cellular camera. They aren’t kidding when they mean “micro”, this camera is tiny! SPYPOINT has done a great job not making the camera larger than it has to be. I have to believe the size of this camera will appeal to the public land hunter who wants to hide their camera more effectively.

Detection range and trigger speed on the Link-Micro is excellent. This camera claims to detect out to 80’, but I have had deer be detected out to nearly 100’. Trigger speed of .5 seconds is excellent and leaves no passing deer un-captured by this little camera.

Battery life on the SPYPOINT cellular cameras continue to amaze me. I have gotten 10 months out of a set of 8 lithium batteries with a Link-Evo. I expect no changes in battery life for the Micro. It is critical to note you should only use lithium batteries in cellular cameras. Alkaline batteries are weak and do not hold a consistently high charge like lithium batteries.

SPYPOINT continues to tout their intuitive two-way communication app for their cellular series. The SPYPOINT Link App is fun to use and makes changing camera settings a breeze. SPYPOINT boasts a “Buck Tracker” feature which allows you to filter out antlerless deer when scrolling photos. This technology works surprisingly well in my experience. From open box to activation, you can have the Micro running in less than two minutes. The Link-Micro settings are all changed through the mobile app.

A revamped data plan system for 2019 also puts SPYPOINT ahead of the game in terms of affordability. The moment you activate a SPYPOINT cellular camera, they give you 30 days of unlimited photos for free…yes free. Once your 30 days of unlimited photos expires, you are never forced to purchase a plan—each month you receive 100 free photos.


The Link-Micro allows for simple setup for fast and easy inventory in your favorite hunting spots.


Despite all the strengths that make this camera a value, there are a few improvements that could have been made.

The quality of the photos transmitted to your phone can be suspect. The photos sent to your phone are a compressed thumbnail. At times, it can be difficult to see points on bucks’ rack. You will fail to receive quality night photos unless you position your camera with a backdrop of timber for the infrared flash to bounce off. If you have your Link Micro over large food source and deer are some distance away from the camera, you can expect the camera to send poor quality night photos if you do not have trees for the IR to reflect off. However, when you eventually pull the SD card and check photos, the full quality images are excellent quality. The Link Micro also cannot transmit video to your phone, let alone take video at all. There is no option for the camera to take video.

The Link Micro appears to be built relatively cheap compared to other cellular cameras on the market. The new antenna Spypoint implemented is rather flimsy. The case design and latch system appears to have taken a step back as in comparison to their previous cellular models. Making sure you close the latch with equal pressure on all parts of the latch looks to be important, as I can see this latch system easily breaking.

spypoint link-micro -on-tree-2

The construction and latch system of the unit seems a little weak compared to others we’ve tested. It may be one of the corners cut to get the price down on this camera.

Value and Overall Rating

Despite some build quality concerns and photo quality issues, the Link-Micro has plenty to offer, especially when it comes to a budget-priced cellular trail camera.  For the price and affordable data plans (or free), the value overrides the concerns I have regarding this camera.

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  1. Liam Traylor says:

    Camera is good, but service is non-existent. If there’s a hiccup of any kind, you’re on your own (and that includes if you prepaid for an annual data plan like I did).

    • Eric St-Michel says:

      liam traylor
      Sorry but i have 5 spypoint and always had good service, if you have a problem with it they give you a shipping number and they send you a new one in exchange of the old one

    • I cannot even get through to someone. I have been at work at called, let my cell lay there for 90 minutes without response.

  2. Allen Williams says:

    If you are settled up a new camera and can’t connect after activating phone. Request a new different password. It worked for me.

  3. Thomas Glandon says:

    My spypoint Links Micro dosent take clear night time photos, am I using the wrong settings ?

  4. Caleb McCord says:

    The camera isn’t to bad. Pictures are kinda of blurry. Not bad for the price.

  5. John Leger says:

    How do you delete multiple pictures? After viewing them is there an easier way than just one at a time?

  6. Mike McGuffey says:

    Their customer service is terrible. I called , did live chat and sent a email. No answer yet. I bought cameras. Both worked. One of the cameras had a weak signal. So I moved it to the same food plot where I had the other one. The camera would not transmit pictures. The other one does. They are only a few yards apart. I even took it next to the other one and still will not connect. I have passed my free pictures and paid for unlimited photos on both. I have not got any pics since I paid. I have been trying to call text and email. They will not answer. At all.

  7. Tom Glandon says:

    Pictures will go away automatic at the end of the month

  8. Scott Blevins says:

    These cameras are complete trash. Customer service is nonexistent unless you count the looped recording while being on hold over an hour. The camera will not get signal and I know the signal is strong where it’s at (Middle of town). I’ve updated firmware and formatted the 32G micro SD card and it doesn’t help. Complete junk. Do not waste your money on this camera. Pay a little more and get a camera that actually is a cellular and not a fraud.

  9. Edwards says:


  10. Tom Glandon says:

    My Spypoint micro works great now, getting lots of pictures of Bears, no Deer yet.

  11. Don McKinney says:

    My SPYPOINT micro is doing well but spending a fortune on batteries. When it stops sending pics I know the battery is below about 30% and that’s just over one week. Don’t know how bad it will be when it gets cold! And yes I am using lithium batteries.

  12. If you have multiple cameras do you have to purchase multiple photo plans ?

  13. Installed mine in Sep 29. Today is october 16 . NOT ONE SINGLE PICTURE HAS BEEN TAKEN


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