2014 ATA Show Coverage – Day 2

By Steve FloresJanuary 7, 2014

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

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Wasp Vesta Lighted Nock

Lighted Nocks are all the rage and Wasp broadheads have decided to join the lighted revolution. Featuring an LED light that activates only when you release the arrow and weighing in at 22 grains, the Vesta will not affect your accuracy. It is available in a variety of colors including green, blue, red, and pink.

Wasp Vesta Lighted Nock


Under Armor Rut Suit

Anyone familiar with Under Armour knows that their clothing lineup is warm. Perhaps their warmest outfit for bowhunters is the Rut suit. I’ve used it extensively and can attest for its performance. For 2014, the Rut comes with ColdGear Infrared Technology; making it even warmer than last year’s suit. In addition to increasing your chances of staying in the stand until that trophy buck shows up, the Rut is also constructed with UA exclusive Scent Control technology. Matching pants come with the same technology as the jacket and obviously completes the suit. Read our complete review of the original Rut suit.

Under Armour Rut Suit


Gravedigger Broadheads

Combining the best of both words (fixed and mechanical) Gravedigger introduces a cut-on-contact head in both 100 and 125 grains. The 100 grain version carries .040 thick blades with a 1” cutting diameter on the main blades and .032 thickness and a 1 ¾” cutting diameter on the kickout blades. In person, this broadhead is wicked looking and is aptly named. There is also a version of this head that accomidates bowhunters using the Easton Deep Six shaft. The curved blades of the Gravedigger head serves 3 purposes: First it allows the tips of the blades to follow the hide back during penetration. Second, the curved design allows the blades to cross each other inside the ferrule. Lastly, as the blades deploy the cutting edge of the blade is exposed and cutting as soon as it hits the animal. All of this adds up to a massive wound channel.

Gravedigger Broadheads


Easton Outfitters’ Bowhunter Pack

Last year Easton entered the back pack market and made a modest impact. However, for 2014, they have poured a ton of focus into a variety of packs that are sure to meet almost every bowhunters needs. The aptly named Bowhunter is one such pack. This pack has too many features to show in images such as a light that is attached inside the pack for navigating your gear in the dark, straps that tuck inside the pack when not in use, a bow holder with cam cover, rangefinder pocket on the side belt and weapons (or accessory) on the other; just to name a few. The pack is very lightweight and comes with a molded foam back panel, DuraFlex buckles, YKK Zippers and mono mesh reinforced shoulder straps. The Bowhunter comes with 2500 cubic inches of carrying space and must really be seen to be appreciated.

Easton Outfitters' Bowhunter pack


Danner Pronghorn Boots

Danner is proud to announce that they have constructed an all new, upgraded Pronghorn…their most iconic boot to date. With an updated design, improved fit and new versatile outsole, the Pronghorn is lighter, faster and superior to the legendary predecessor. Constructed on Danner’s lightweight TERRA FORCE platform, this boot is stable yet very athletic. I actually held both this boot and the “old” Pronghorn and there is noticeable difference in the weight and size of this boot. It was very impressive and is the perfect boot to wear the Pronghorn name for several years to come.

Danner Pronghorn 2014 boots


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