2014 Nashville ATA Show Day One

By Josh SturgillJanuary 5, 20142 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

I cannot believe it is here already. The anticipation is high as we watch the hoards of manufacturers and their gear being transported into the Nashville Music City Center. Just behind these locked doors resides the latest and greatest products for 2014. As we sit outside the doors salivating over everything that is just out of reach, we get invited in by one of the manufacturers for a sneak peak at some of the products before the doors even open to the public. Over the next three days we will do everything we can to bring you the greatest coverage of new products available anywhere.

New for 2014 the Muzzy Phantom SC

This is the broadhead all of the Muzzy fans have been waiting for. This broadhead is made up of four fixed blades so you no longer have to index your broadhead to your fletching. The Phantom SC has a super durable solid steel Ferrule, .050 blades with a 1 1/8″ cutting diameter. It is also available in 100 and 125 grains.

Muzzy Phantom SC

New for 2014 the Rage 3 Blade

Rage really stepped up to the plate with this one. The new 3 blade rage with KORE technology is going to be a devastating broadhead this year. CNC machined cavities, advanced geometric design and an all stainless steel construction. The .5” tip cut, with a massive 1.75” cutting diameter. The shock collar will also insure proper blade retention. This is a definite must see for 2014.

Rage 3 Blade

RIP CORD Code Red Fall away Rest in Pink

RIP Cord has moved into the PINK zone. Rip Cord is now offering the Rip Cord Code Red fall away rest in PINK. All of the same great features including the “drop dead brake system” and the ultra fast fall away for maximum clearance.

RIP CORD Code Red Fall away Rest in Pink

New for 2014 the Rage 2 Blade SS

This is a great new way for people with lower poundage bows or shorter draw lengths to still maximize the cutting diameter of the broadhead they are shooting. These broadheads have a sweeping blade angle to help ensure deeper penetration on large game animals. With an instant cut tip and .035” stainless steel blades, this broadhead expands to 1.5” + of cutting area.

Rage 2 Blade SS


This is a great product for those of us that have kids that are ready to take their hunting adventures to the next level. If you are anything like me the only thing holding them back is the fear of a fall. With the LIL’ TREESTALKER even Momma will feel comfortable letting them climb their first tree for a hunt. This product provides all of the safety, quality and comfort we have come to expect out of the Adult models, except it is now for our favorite undersized hunting partners.


New for 2014 Deer Cane RTH

Evolved Habitats has taken the classic Deer Cane that we have all used and made it available in a ready to hunt mixture. Deer Cane RTH has been enhanced with UV and is now ready to spray on any feed, food plot or natural browse that you have in your hunting area. This is said to increase the attracting power of any location you may hunt this year.

Deer Cane RTH

New for 2014 THE TOM-Bomb

Flying Arrow Archery has done it again with the release of the TOM-Bomb. This will be an outstanding product for any of you Turkey hunters out there that want to make sure that big ole Tom will not get away this spring. With its 2.5″ cutting diameter and Unique Arcuate blades this broadhead is sure to make the cut.


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