First Look at all the NEW Bowhunting Gear for 2014

By Todd GrafJanuary 5, 20149 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Well another year has passed and during that time we just got used to the products we were using. The bowhunting industry manufactures have already been figuring out what other products they will be bring to the market. With no surprise each year brings new ideas, here are a few to check out…

Iron Mountain Game Vector

Iron Mountain has come out with a game tracking device. Game Vector has a probe that attaches to your arrow. Once you have shot your game the “Hyde-Ryder” stays on your game transmitting a signal back to your “game vector”. Let’s hear your thoughts, Should people be able to electronically track their game.

Iron Mountain Game Vector

True Fire

The all NEW Hardcore 4 Revolution from True Fire is a great release for any shooters out there that are interested in moving into the back tension form of shooting. You can adjust the trigger travel and it also offers a 17 point thumb trigger adjustment. Don’t worry about grabbing the wrong package, this release can be used by either a righty or lefty shooter.

Available in REALTREE or TACTICAL. One bit of advice we can give you is go to your local pro shop and try it out if you have ever wanted to convert to the more precise shooting style of using back tension. Make sure you have your pro shop check your draw length if you are switching from a standard release since it can affect your anchor points and draw length. Give one a try and improve your shooting.

True Fire Hardcore 4


All new Hot Shots

3 All new Hot Shots from Tink’s. Tink’s is a great product to use as a simple cover scent or an attractant. These are great to use when the wind just might want to switch it up on you with no warning. Light and small cans that can fit in your pocket and spray the area that you are passing to get to your stand or spot to hunt. Tink’s has now come out with an elk estrus for all of you elk hunters out there. Two new scents, Turnip greens food attractant, and for all of you southern guys and gals a persimmon spray.

Once again these are great sprays with ZERO propellant, ZERO contamination, and most of all ZERO WASTE. (Please do not forget to check and follow all of your local game laws).

Tink's Hot Shot

No-Freeze #69

Now this is the next great step forward in the scent and attractant market. Here is the tried and true TINK’S #69 doe-in-rut attractant. But now you don’t have to worry about your dripper or scent bombs freezing up on those cold days during the peak of your rut. The anti-freeze component is odorless so it will not affect the formula and let it continue to draw those big bucks in to you.

Tink's #69 No-Freeze

Apache Tribal & Apache Grid

New Archery Products has come out with two great new quivers. The Apache Tribal and the Apache Grid. Both quivers are soft to the touch. The soft touch helps reduce vibration and glare. The Tribal and Grid are equipped with a quick disconnect bracket. Another great feature is they both have are a hood loop for hanging your quiver easy while in the stand.

NAP Apache Tribal & Apache Grid

NEW Zebra Trophy String and Cable Sets

Well here is something we are sure a lot of you have been waiting for, just like me. Zebra has come out with a new TROPHY set of string and cables. These strings are a blend of Ultra premium BCY materials, pre-stretched and dual twisted. Trophy strings are designed to eliminate peep rotation and serving separation. If you are anything like most of us archers out there the constant peep rotation and serving separation is just as annoying as boots that won’t stay tied. So as soon as you are ready to tune up your bow and get ready for your next season ask your local pro shop to tell you more about the Zebra Trophy string set.

Zebra Trophy String & Cable Sets

Game Plan Gear

GamePlan gear has teamed up with Mathews to bring you some of their great cases and packs in LOST CAMO. Gameplan has integrated Lost Camo into the Bowbat XL, the Full Rut backpack, and the Passthrough 2 bow case. Game Plan has some great gear that was made with hunters in mind. There are plenty of storage pockets and straps on all of these items. Easy to use and made to protect the rest of your gear that helps you be successful on your hunts.

Game Plan Gear

Tight Spot Quivers

A great feature that Tight Spot has added to an already great quiver is the acoustic dampening material in the hood. The new acoustic dampener will help keep your bow and shots as quiet as possible during that moment of truth when your trophy is in front of you. A great quiver that fits tighter to the riser and helps balance your bow for all of you shooters out there that keep them on while shooting. The adjustable arrow wedges ensure that your arrows will stay secure in your quiver while keeping them from vibrating when you shoot. Tight Spot is a great product that you should really take a look at.

Tight Spot Quivers

Tight Spot Quivers

Carbon Express

Well guys you have all heard of the RED revolution with Carbon Express’ Maxima Red arrows last year. Now Carbon Express is offering them to all of you in a Mathews edition Lost Camo. The same Great quality, dynamic spine RED ZONE arrows as before with a new look. If you’re a Mathew’s shooter these are a great way to compliment the Lost Camo bow you already love.

Carbon Express Maxima Red

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