Todd Graf
An Illinois native, Todd grew up bowhunting the swamps of Central Wisconsin. He now spends most of his time improving the habitat on his own farms while juggling multiple successful businesses, including Bowhunting.com, a web development agency and a 300 acre pheasant hunting club.
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Using A Drone To Survey Your Deer Herd
Using A Drone To Survey Your Deer Herd

We were lucky enough to have the guys from Drone Deer Recovery out with us the other day. The main goal was to survey a couple of our hunting spots to get an idea of what our deer numbers were like. We had a ton of fun with these guys and the technology truly is mind-blowing. Check out how […]

Who's Joel Maxfield? A Must Watch Film For Every Bowhunter
Who’s Joel Maxfield? A Must Watch Film for Every Bowhunter

Check out this inspiring film delivering a behind the scenes look at the Mathews legacy, as well as the man that helped make it happen.

How To Age White Tailed Bucks
How to Age White-tailed Bucks

Knowing how to age deer is an important tool for management and conservation. Here's an in-depth look at how to age white-tailed bucks.

2016 Christmas Gifts For Hunters

The definitive 2016 list of Christmas gifts for hunters including special deals and discounts just for our Bowhunting.com fans.

It’s Not Turkey Season Yet…But That Didn’t Stop This Guy

With turkey season still a month away in most parts of the country, you would think the local turkey population would be free of worry for at least a few more weeks. But that wasn’t the case for one bunch of birds as they recently fed on the edge of a foo

First Look at all the NEW Bowhunting Gear for 2014

Well another year has passed and during that time we just got used to the products we were using. The bowhunting industry manufactures have already been figuring out what other products they will be bring to the market. With no surprise each year brings n

Gear Review: White Rhino 360 Heated Bow Grip

You've got that trophy buck's late season travel patterns figured out but you can't handle the cold temps. What do you do?

Best Broadhead For Youth?

Here at Bowhunting.com we recieve a lot of e-mails and questions. One of themost recent revolved around a young bowhunter and his difficulty finding a broadhead that was just right for his lightweight setup.

Dead Deer Walking?

One of our pro-staffers got this disturbing image on a trail cam

2012 Mathews Dealer Show: Politics and Bowhunting

It isn't often that I mention politics with bowhunting, but when I had the opportunity to hang out with two of the most influential and inspiring individuals within those two areas, I couldn’t help but share my excitement. Matt McPherson, the man behind M

The Perfect Storm for a Great Bowhunting Season?

As hunters we can all look back at certain seasons past and think to ourselves "Man, that was a great year". Sometimes things just seem to fall in line and make one season better than another. It looks like 2012 is shaping up to be one of those years.

Moose Utility Division ATV Spreader Review

Over the years I've sent my fair share of ATV mounted spreaders to the junkyard after just 1 or 2 uses. Will the new spreader from Moose Utility Division be able to withstand my punishment? Let's find out.