Darron McDougal

Darron McDougal
Darron McDougal is a full-time freelance outdoor writer/editor who lives in Antigo, WI with his bride, Becca. He's hunted in 12 states and successfully taken elk, bear, hogs, turkeys, pronghorn, whitetails, and mule deer, most with archery equipment on DIY hunts. The McDougals enjoy all things hunting and shooting. They believe in God and love to travel.
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Mobile Tactics For Bowhunting Turkeys

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7 Steps to Prep Your Bow for Hunting Season

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How Does Altitude Impact Bow Performance?

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Best Turkey Broadheads for 2023

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How Many Arrows Should You Shoot A Day To Prep For Deer Season?
How Many Arrows Should You Shoot a Day to Prep for Deer Season?

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6 Reasons Bowhunting Is Better Than Gun Hunting For Turkeys
6 Reasons Bowhunting is Better Than Gun Hunting for Turkeys

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How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Shot?
How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Shot?

The late season temperatures can be tough on the deer hunter, but how does the cold weather affect your shot when the temperatures drop?

5 Early Season Mistakes Hunters Make
5 Early Season Mistakes Hunters Make

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Public Land Etiquette
Public-Land Etiquette for Turkey Hunters

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Common Hunting Mistakes Hunters Can Easily Avoid
6 Common Hunting Mistakes Hunters Can Easily Avoid

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10 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Bowhunting Accuracy
10 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Bowhunting Accuracy

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