MagView Gear Launches New Wireless Charging Phone Plate

By Brad KaufmannMay 4, 2023
Go from pocket to spotting scope to charging, without any hassle.

MagView Gear officially launched its premium digiscoping solutions in July of 2022, setting the stage for unprecedented growth in the following months. It’s entirely new, streamlined, and multifunctional design has redefined the digiscoping world and has completely changed the way you capture content through your optics.

New for 2023, MagView is expanding its product line with the much-anticipated Wireless Charging Phone Plate.

Magview Gear Launches New Wireless Charging Phone Plate

The MagView Wireless Charging Phone Plate allows your device to be attached to the MagView binocular and spotting scope optic adapters without losing the ability to wirelessly charge your phone.

Secured with a simple adhesive, the phone plate can be attached to the back of your phone or phone case, so you’ll always be ready to click into the MagView S1 or B1 adapters. The Wireless Charging Phone Plate is specifically sized to pair perfectly with our optic adapters to provide a firm hold on your optics to capture moments in the field.

“The phone plate is the heart of the MagView system,” stated Mark Hayes, MagView Design Engineer. “The new Wireless Charging Phone Plate further enhances our ability to streamline your digiscoping system by not interfering with the everyday use of your phone.”

The new phone plate is made from a proprietary material that works seamlessly with the current MagView optic adapters and will not impede wireless charging or signal receptivity – a key benefit of the MagView system. Combined with rare-Earth magnets built into MagView optic adapters, the Wireless Charging Phone Plate provides an incredibly stable digiscoping platform.

Magview Gear Launches New Wireless Charging Phone Plate

To learn more about MagView Gear, visit magviewgear.com for full specifications, installation videos, tips & tricks, and more information on the new phone plate. Start capturing your own MagView Moments today.

Brad Kaufmann
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