Thermal Arm Sleeves By Fourth Arrow

By Brad KaufmannDecember 15, 2022

Fourth Arrow recently announced the release of their newest product and first ever hunting garment, Thermal Arm Sleeves.

Whether you’re walking to your stand in the morning, or backpacking through mountainous terrain, overheating can always be an issue. But with the Thermal Arm Sleeves, you can cool off without having to take off all your gear or any layers.

Thermal Arm Sleeves By Fourth Arrow

If you’re someone that packs in your heavy gear and just wears base layers on the walk to your stand, these can be easily put on overtop of your lightweight gear to keep your arms warm without having to add extra layers.

The Thermal Arm Sleeves are easy to put on and take off. And if you’re on a spot and stalk or still type of hunt, you can just roll them down to your wrists when walking, and roll them back up when you take a break and start to get cold.

The Thermal Arm Sleeves come in a set of 2 sleeves for just $19.99, and are available in 2 sizes – Large and Extra Large.

They’re made from a soft, warm, and breathable material that fits snug around your arms and won’t slide down on their own.

Thermal Arm Sleeves By Fourth Arrow
Brad Kaufmann
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