Hunters Specialties Reveals New Turkey Calls!

By Courtney KaufmannMarch 10, 2021

Irving, TX Hunters Specialties, leader in scent control products, game calls, attractants, and more, are thrilled to have partnered with the Drury Outdoors team to launch a new line of turkey calls for 2021!

The Push Button Yelper is a one hand operated call that creates the perfect yelps, cuts & clucks! It features both slate and wood striking surfaces all from the durable, injection molded housing. This self-contained call is a perfect addition and must-have to any turkey hunter’s setup.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Injected molded yelper
  • Slate & Wood striking surfaces
  • Perfect yelps, cuts & clucks purrs
  • One handed operation

The Final Roost Pot Call is a fitting explanation of this pot call. Made of sycamore and anodized aluminum this call emits turkey vocals that will result in many a Toms finally roost. Once he gets an ear full of the most realistic cutting & yelping it will be game over! Constructed of Sycamore, a common roost tree combined with a select grade of anodized aluminum the Final Roost will emit those high frequency locating calls as well as those close-in clucks and purrs. Combined with a custom Dymalux striker and approved by the Drury’s, this call will be the new standard.

Model: HS-DOD-PC

  • Native Sycamore Pot
  • CNC Machined
  • Anodized select aluminum
  • Custom Dymalux
  • Drury Outdoors approved

The Final Roost Box Call is a gobbler’s worst nightmare. It is like taking a bite of the sacred apple, there is no looking back! The screaming seduction in the form of yelps clucks and cuts is more than any one gobbler can take. Constructed of a select American walnut body and topped with an exotic Purple Heart lid this call is a thing of beauty as well as it is lethal. High pitched on the front end that drops into a nice rasp on the back end is designed for locating and close in calling scenarios. Endorsed by the Drury’s their review came back as a simple “Smoking”!

Model: HS-DOD-BC

  • Select American Walnut Body
  • Purple Heart lid/paddle
  • Deep Cavity and narrow bottom and thin sides for raspy front and back end sound
  • Hand tuned
  • Drury Outdoors approved

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Courtney Kaufmann
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