Stealth Cam® Announces Industry-Leading Wireless Plans

By Courtney KaufmannMay 19, 2020
Industry Leading Wireless Plans

More Photos, Lower Prices, Multiple Plan Options Highlight Data Subscriptions

Irving, TX – Stealth Cam® has just released new wireless plans for 2020. Configured to work with the all new Fusion series cameras, the new plans offer Stealth Cam wireless users a broader range of monthly and annual data options with more photos and lower prices.

More hunters are turning to wireless camera systems to improve their hunt planning and wildlife monitoring without disturbing their hunting area to change cards.

Stealth Cam has committed to taking the lead in wireless plans designed specifically for seasonal and year-round camera operations.

Multiple monthly and annual plans providing for more image transfers and significantly lower prices allows users to select the optimal wireless plan for their needs without straining the budget.

Stealth Cam® Announces Industry Leading Wireless Plans

Each new Fusion camera purchase comes with a free 30-day trial with unlimited images.  

Stealth Cam offers $5, $10, $20, and $50 (multi-camera) month to month plans.  

Furthermore, the cost-efficient annual plans—starting as low as $4 with 650 images per month—are ideally suited for hunters who desire year-round monitoring of game activity and property monitoring.

All plans include one year of FREE cloud storage.

Industry Leading Wireless Plans

Additionally, Stealth Cam is offering the optional Elite Hunter image management option, a $5/month per camera add-on to monthly or annual plans. 

The Elite Hunter includes 2 years of cloud storage, animal detection filing (identifies game species for quicker review and sorting), and security tracking.

Monthly Plans

Free – 30 days (credit card required and plan implementation after 30 days)

$5 – 650 images          

$10 – 2000 images

$20 – Unlimited

$50 – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36000 images (3 cameras included – add additional cameras for $5 each)

Stealth Cam® Announces Industry Leading Wireless Plans

Annual Plans (pre-paid 12 months)

Free – 30 days (credit card required and plan after 30 days).

$4 – 650 images/month ($48 / Year)

$8 – 2000 images/month ($96 / Year)

$15 – Unlimited /month ($180 / Year)

$40 – Bundle Pro 3GB / 36000 images/month ($480 / Year – 3 cameras included – additional cameras for $5 each)

Stealth Cam® Announces Industry Leading Wireless Plans

Elite Hunter Management (Future edition)

$5 optional add-on to monthly or annual plans (per camera)

  • Animal detection & filing
  • Security tracking
  • Two years of dedicated cloud storage

Visit www.stealthcam.com/fusion-wireless-camera/ for more details about new Stealth Cam wireless plans & Fusion cameras.

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