Trophy Ridge Introduces Hitman Stablilizers & Hex Light Quivers

By Bow StaffOctober 23, 2018

Trophy Ridge released today an all-new stabilizer designed to reduce vibration while improving the bow’s balance at full draw. With the launch of the Hitman Stabilizer Family, Trophy Ridge delivers yet another essential tool bowhunter’s can trust.


The Hitman provides balance while the side bar mounting bracket provides counterbalance to the additional tools on the bow.

“We are so excited to give the world what we believe is an essential tool for bowhunting,” says Dave Parker, Archery General Manager. “Our engineers are bowhunter’s. They understand the need for stealth, even from a stabilizer, and they’ve delivered that with the Hitman.”

The Hitman is available in 6”, 8”, 10,” and 12” sizes and features the classic Quick disconnect system of Trophy Ridge stabilizers with a carbon design. It’s incredibly easy to remove for easy transport and storage and comes preassembled with two removable 1 oz. weights.

This stabilizer is also available in multiple kits with the Hitman Sidemount Bracket – a convenient tool that quickly attaches and removes all stabilizers like never before, is easily adjustable for all horizontal and vertical directions and enhances both forward and side stabilizers positioning.



Along with the introduction of the Hitman stabilizers,Trophy Ridge announced today two new quivers to join the 2019 lineup of archery accessories. With the introduction of the Hex Light and the Hex Light 2, Trophy Ridge is delivering innovative upgrades to previous LED-lighted quivers for an illuminated hunting experience. 

The Hex Light and Hex Light 2 feature innovative upgrades from previous quivers and include four glowing green, built-in LED lights to illuminate all arrows and surrounding areas in low-light hunts.

“Trophy Ridge accessories are made by bowhunter’s for bowhunter’s,” says Dave Parker, Archery General Manager. “We always aim to create faster, better and more convenient quivers to enhance the hunting experience. With the Hex Light and Hex Light 2, we are eliminating the inconveniences of hunting in low-light for all of our customers.”



















Along with four built-in LED lights, the Hex Light features a soft-touch hood construction to reduce vibration and eliminate noise, a quick attachment design for fast and simple mounting and detachment and an adjustable mounting bracket that creates a low profile against the bow.

The Hex Light 2 offers a compact, two-piece quiver design that is perfect for hunters who don’t remove their quiver from their bow for stalking their prey. With multiple mounting positions, the Hex Light 2 is compatible with most bow models.

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