The Greatest Whitetail Apparel Ever Made

By Bow StaffAugust 16, 2017

Muskegon, MI (August 14, 2017) – Fooling a deer’s eyes and ears can be relatively easy. Stealth and woodsmanship play critical roles, as does modern camouflage. His nose, on the other hand, takes more… a lot more.

The most successful hunters employ comprehensive scent-control regimens and follow them with great discipline. Involving more than just sprays and scent-control clothing, an effective scent-control regimen like the ScentLok Seven helps hunters like Michigan’s John Eberhart experience consistent success.

The Michigan whitetail bow-hunting savant says he has never owned, leased, hunted a relative’s property, or ever paid a dime to hunt anywhere. Eberhart has never hunted in a managed area, over a food plot, or over bait. He exclusively hunts state, federal, and free walk-on properties, and knocks on doors for free permission to hunt private properties in a state with some of the most pressured whitetails found anywhere. Over 53 hunting seasons – the last 20 in ScentLok clothing – Eberhart has connected with 30 Michigan record book bucks.

Other hunters like Don and Kandi Kisky are equally passionate about defeating the four common types of odors that kill hunts. The self-proclaimed Whitetail Freaks harvest massive mature whitetails year after year through meticulous property management, endless scouting… and the ScentLok advantage.


In today’s virtual sea of hunting clothing, trendy camouflage only gets a hunter so far. The new ScentLok Full Season Taktix™ Jacket and Pant for men and women go beyond comfort and aesthetics; it’s the only hunting apparel to combine three unique performance attributes that help hunters stay comfortable while getting closer to game than ever before.

Full Season Taktix features proven Carbon Alloy™ odor adsorption to neutralize the three pillars of human odor. Next, it utilizes a superhydrophobic NeverWet™ treatment that permanently protects hunters from water and rain without stiff and noisy waterproof membranes. Inside, Taktix employs advanced internal moisture wicking to keep hunters dry and comfortable.

In addition to its trifecta of unique features, ScentLok upped the ante with Full Season Taktix to deliver additional touches any whitetail hunter will appreciate, like a deadly quiet micro tricot outer fabric, low-bulk wrists that won’t interfere with a bow hunter’s release, technical overlay color panels, 13 easy-access pockets, and a harness opening to keep stinky fall restraint gear enveloped inside the jacket’s Carbon AlloyTM barrier. Better whitetail-hunting clothing simply does not exist. This extraordinary new apparel is priced for any hunter at just $149 per piece, is available in four of today’s top camo patterns, and comes in women’s sizes XS – 2XL and men’s sizes S – 3XL.

Over the course of 25 years in business, ScentLok hunting apparel has been proven deadly in the field by some of the world’s most dedicated hunters. Ask and receive more from your hunting clothing; start hunting with the ScentLok advantage. See the full line of proven ScentLok

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