FeraDyne Wins Sweeping Ban on Imports of Rage® Broadhead Knock-Offs

SUPERIOR, Wis. — FeraDyne Outdoors, LLC, announced today that the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) has issued a powerful General Exclusion Order (GEO), protecting FeraDyne’s popular and innovative Rage line of broadheads from foreign patent and trademark infringers. The GEO, which takes effect immediately, empowers more than 20,000 Customs & Border Protection Officers at more than 300 U.S. ports of entry to identify and bar from entry all broadheads that violate specified Rage patents and trademarks.

In 2006, FeraDyne released its first Rage broadhead, featuring patented Slip-Cam expanding-blade technology. This paradigm-shifting product quickly became the market leader and has been joined by an ever-growing family of patented Rage broadheads, all of which have been designed in the United States by American inventors and are manufactured with pride by FeraDyne’s skilled craftsmen in Wisconsin.

After facing unfair competition from counterfeiters based in China that were illegally copying FeraDyne’s patented designs and manufacturing deceptive and inferior product, FeraDyne filed a complaint with the ITC in Nov., 2015. The ITC pursued a rapid investigation and found infringement by at least nine companies of eight FeraDyne patents and FeraDyne’s Federal Registration for the Rage trademark.

The ITC has now issued a GEO—its broadest and most powerful injunctive remedy—to close the U.S. market to all infringing broadhead imports, regardless where they are made or the identity of the party seeking to import them. The GEO, which covers both direct copies of Rage broadheads as well as other infringing designs, will be in place indefinitely and will not expire as long as FeraDyne continues to use its Rage trademark.

GEOs are rare and extremely effective remedies, with the ITC issuing only a small number each year. Todd Seyfert, president and CEO of FeraDyne, said, “We are pleased to see FeraDyne’s intellectual property rights affirmed by the U.S. International Trade Commission, and we are grateful that the dedicated law enforcement officers of Customs & Border Protection have joined in the fight to keep our company and customers safe from counterfeiters. While we don’t ever want to see customers lured into buying a foreign knock-off in the first place, they should know that now those orders might not arrive at all.”

The ITC’s GEO and its supporting decision can be found as part of the ITC’s public record in Certain Arrowheads With Deploying Blades and Components Thereof, Inv. No. 337-TA-977. FeraDyne was represented throughout this matter by Covington & Burling LLP, a leading firm in U.S. Intellectual Property and U.S. ITC Section 337 matters.


  1. James gray says:

    If the Chinese can make them cheaper why can’t feradyne? I’ve got the Chinese made 125 grain hypodermics and they perform just as good as the feradyne ones! The price of 3 feradyne rage is crazy . I could see 6 for $45 but 3 ? Archery equipment prices are ridiculous 1000 dollars for a new bow hell most are more then that where will it end a regular working stiff can’t afford it anymore.

    • What most people don’t realize is that there’s a lot more to pricing a product than simply how much it costs to manufacture it. Someone has to think of the idea first. Then it has to be designed by an engineer (engineers command pretty good salaries by the way), then it has to be prototyped, tested, possibly patented, packaging has to be designed, it has to be marketed so people know about it, and your sales people have to go out and sell them to dealers and shops. Once all of that is done, THEN you get to manufacture them and ship them to customers. And let’s not forget that along the way you have to pay everyone’s salary, offer them good benefits, pay your taxes, and pay for the your infrastructure which may just include a building, utilities, IT infrastructure, an accountant, lawyers, etc. Oh and by the way, when you sell that product to a dealer you have to do it at a price that allows him to mark it up and still make some money to keep his business afloat, pay his taxes and feed his family as well. All of those costs go into the total cost of making a product and getting it to market.

      Then after you’ve done all of that work and paid all of that money, the Chinese come along and steal your design and then illegally sell your product to US consumers who, for some reason, think that it’s okay to do so. So out of curiosity, do you believe your employer should charge less for the products or services that you sell? Would you be okay with someone illegally stealing your ideas and products and selling them for a lesser cost? Maybe they have to cut your salary or benefits to afford to compete. I assume you’re cool with that? And what would you say to the many employees of Feradyne Industries when they’re put out of work due to low-cost Chinese knock-offs eating into their sales? Would you look the sales person in the eye and tell them they should have been paid less money, or been given fewer benefits in order to save the company money? If it were your family, friend or neighbor on the chopping block what would you say then?

      I see and hear a lot of pro-America talk these days. But it seems when it’s time to put your money where you mouth is, people seem to forget what makes America the greatest country in the world. I can tell you one thing – it certainly isn’t supporting the theft of intellectual property and the illegal sales of patented and protected products that were build on the blood, sweat and tears of American workers.

      • Conrad Jones says:


        • Don’t worry the Commies will find a way around this stupid injunction- I have bought dozens of the knockoffs and they are every bit as good as Rage. Even so I have saved a ton of money already and I’m ahead of the game. Just hope they come out with knock off Trypans before this goes in effect.

      • Hallelujah, someone gets it.

      • Joshua Raley says:

        Totally agree with thw content of your post, Justin.

        The tone of your post could use a little refining, however. I understand you’re passionate about this. And again, I agree with you 100%. But remember, the people posting comments on this website are the reason you guys are able to do what you love for a living. There are lots of other outlets with really good content. It would be a shame if your demeanor caused people to begin to look elsewhere.

    • I was (unknowingly) sold knock offs. They were very VERY dull and made a lot of rattling noise. Definitely not the same…

  2. Glad I stocked up before this.

  3. Its not just Rage heads being stolen. Other top broadhead brands are also being ripped off by overseas thieves and it doesn’t stop at broadheads or even hunting gear. Overseas thieves are willingly stealing from American and Americans.

    So long as there are Americans willing to buy stolen goods from thieves, the Chinese will continue to steal from America. The despicable Americans that would knowingly buy stolen goods from thieves are as bad as the thieves themselves. Its no different than knowing a guy that steals trail cams and tree stands from other hunters that sells the stolen goods online and you buying those stolen goods (that you know to be stolen). You are as low as the thief himself if you buy the stuff. If American consumers were truly American and truly patriotic they would not be willing accomplices and party to this theft by buying stolen goods from thieves.

    On the flip side, some (but not all) of the broadhead makers went to China to reduce costs but even companies that never went to chine are being ripped off. Going overseas for a portion of your manufacturing does not give overseas companies justification or rights to steal from American companies. This order makes certain of that.

    Sadly, this will do no good so long as there are despicable people willing to buy these stolen goods. This stops when the market dries up and people stop buying stolen goods but Ebay is full of Chinese ripoffs and the customs agents wont be able to catch enough to make a dent in this meaning it will continue. 100% of this stops the minute people do the right thing and stop buying stolen goods and that’s the only way this ends.

    If you are the buyer and knowingly seek out and buy stolen goods, you are to blame. This rests on your head.

  4. Counterfeit junk! Have you ever gone to a dollar store and wonder how they can sell a battery operated wristwatch for a dollar? Think about it, the parts, the battery, the packaging, shipping from China to the US, let alone profit for the dollar store? The Chinese dump this junk at a large loss just to kill US manufacturing. It is 100% government subsidized, simply for that purpose.


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