Of Wood and Antlers; The Perfect Wedding Ring

By Mike WillandFebruary 18, 2016

I’m not typically a fashion sort of guy. In fact, I rarely even “do” my hair. Nope, an old ball cap, simple shirt and a pair of old jeans do me just fine.

Like most men my age, I’m married. Have been for nearly a decade now. I can’t honestly say that I remember too much of the courtship between my wife and I but I do remember the frustrations of planning a wedding with her. Most notably, I remember the pains of searching for my own wedding band.

Utah based Staghead Designs crafts custom rings made from wood, metal and deer antlers.

Utah based Staghead Designs crafts custom rings made from wood, metal and deer antlers.

I’m simple. She’s a bit less simple. Particularly expected however, since she’s a girl. She likes pretty things. Things that sparkle and shine, like warm sunny days and shiny wedding rings. I’m a bit more confusing or complicated depending on how you look at it. I like cool cloudy days and the absence of a wedding ring. It’s not that I dislike marriage or the testament to monogamy. It’s that I dislike wearing jewelry of any kind. I find it’s harder to look cool while slinging a bow if my finger glows in the dark.

However, If I had to otherwise painfully continue my search for the perfect disclaimer to strangers that I’m taken once again I would start here. At last, someone in this world has figured out how to combine the symbol of marriage with one of God’s greatest gifts to man; the ungulate. That is, the moose, deer, elk etc.

The company, Staghead Designs, began after Brad and Liz Eaves prepared for their own journey down the aisle. Very much in love, but finding difficulty in choosing the perfect wedding rings to commit too. A hike through the Wasatch Mountains which exists along the Utah and Idaho border would forever change their lives. There, the couple found a shed antler. Frustrated over the wedding ring selection, Liz would eventually ask Brad if he could make a ring out of the antler they found. Brad tried it and it worked. A wedding ring was born that not only symbolized their love and commitment to each other, but also their love for the outdoors.

That was four years ago.

Staghead Designs creates wedding rings out of earthly materials such as wood and shed antlers.

Staghead Designs creates wedding rings out of earthly materials such as wood and shed antlers.

Today, Staghead Designs operates out of Ogden, Utah and employs half a dozen people. “We don’t have a storefront, as more than 97 percent of our rings are sold-out-of-state, direct to the customer”, stated Chad Banner, director of marketing for the company after a recent interview with the Standard Examiner.

With a general price between $200 and $400 I certainly wish I had found a similar company while my wife and I were looking. Upon contacting the company, I learned you could actually have a ring made from an antler you have found yourself, adding even more connection to this finger craftsmanship.

They’ve created rings for a few celebrities too, including John Luke Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” and Witney Carson of “Dancing with the Stars”.

The company claims that no two rings are alike. But if you favor a truly custom antler ring design, they can  certainly accommodate you. However, as you can imagine, the price does go up for these one of a kind pieces.

Unfortunately for me, I already own a wedding ring and despite my refusal to wear it often it is a piece of my life I wish never to lose. A reminder of that day I took a vow I plan to always honor. If I ever was to lose it, I’d be devastated. Truly devastated. But If I could do it again, there’s no question it would be a ring made from this company. I’d probably want to send my own antler in as well. I know just the one. The one and only antler my wife has ever found while looking with me. Incidentally, and a secret I’ll shall go to the grave with, I planted it for her to find.

After all, that’s what love really is.

Mike Willand
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