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Of Wood and Antlers; The Perfect Wedding Ring

Utah based Staghead Designs creates unique wedding rings crafted from wood, metal and shed deer antlers.

Live Healthier, Save Hunting; Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution

The ball has dropped, champagne has flowed, New Year’s has just passed and an entire year awaits. For many of us, this means a change in our lives. Or, at the very least, an attempt at change in our lives. I’m of course talking about New Year’s resolutions. For at least a few fleeting moments […]

Dude Perfect Has Done It Again

The guys from Dude Perfect have certainly made a name for themselves amongst the hunting community over the past twelve months. Last year a near viral video of the five man crew showcased their bow shooting ability in acrobatic fashion, dropping the jaws of everyone who’s ever slung a bow in competition. Their most recent […]

Celebrating 50 Years of Archery’s Greatest Typical Whitetail

“It was just luck. That’s what it amounts to. I guess the whole thing is being able to hold your composure when you get such an opportunity. That’s the difference between getting a big deer and not getting one,” said an aging Mel Johnson, forty-four years after taking the undisputed typical bow record, in an interview with Prairie State Outdoors.

State Farm Releases Deer/Car Collision Report – Where Does Your State Rank?

State Farm has released its annual list of deer/car collisions and overall the American driver is just as likely in 2015 as they were in 2014 to hit a deer.

Illinois to Lay Off 33 Conservation Officers – Need Your Help

New elected Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner and his staff plan to lay off more than 30 conservation police officers in less than 2 months. Illinois sportsman are urged to contact their elected officials to voice their concern over this proposal.

Illinois Opens Bobcat Hunting Season

After a 40 year hiatus, bobcat hunting will return to the state of Illinois in 2016.

8 Great American Hunters

These legendary men who helped win wars, create industries, governed people, shaped the very culture of the US you see before you today were also hunters.

Black Bear Attacks Deer in Colorado Yard

Nature can be cruel at times. At least that’s what Colorado Springs native J.D. Gieck must have thought to himself as he captured video of a gruesome bear attack on a mule deer in his neighbor’s backyard earlier this month. “To me, it was just like, ‘Alright, let’s get a picture of this one, see […]

Maine’s Disappearing Moose

Throughout the state of Maine, both young and adult Moose can be seen stumbling through the woods clothed with big hairless patches. So what's causing it?

Wisconsin Wants Hunters to “Think Pink” This Fall

In an attempt to bring more women hunters into the woods this fall, two state legislators have proposed a bill to legalize blaze pink camo as an alternative to blaze orange.

Vermont Moves Closer To a Ban On Deer Urine

Earlier this month, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board voted to advance a statewide ban of the use and sale of deer urine. The ban, which would take effect in 2016 if it passes state legislation, takes aim on reducing the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). A disease that has the potential to devastate […]

Rare Tick Borne Virus could be Deadly – Is it time to stay out of the woods?

A rare tick borne illness has reared its ugly head in parts of Connecticut. The disease is called Powassan, and although sometimes deadly, should you start loosing sleep over it? 

The 5 Greatest Hunting Shirts Never Created

In honor of those horrible shreds of cotton only a true deer hunter could love, we’ve come up with five of the greatest shirt designs never created.

6 Reasons You Ate Buck Tag Soup

Whatever the reason for eating buck tag soup may be, the great thing about hunting is that as one year ends, another is quickly taking shape. Forget tag soup and make 2015 the greatest season of your life.

Why Your Mock Scrapes Aren’t Working

There is no question in my mind that mock scrapes do work. The hunter just has to learn how to sell them. Using these tips I believe you can make them as successful as I, and so many others, have.

The Miseducation of the Kendall Jones Story

Kendall Jones may not be hunting’s greatest posterchild, but she is certainly not the blood thirsty savage that many have made her out to be. She’s just a daughter, hunting with her dad. All of her African animals were taken according to the law.

5 Tips for Better Shed Hunting Success

These 5 tips will help bring more shed antlers home with you this season. Do you know what they are?

New York States NEW Record Non-Typical Buck

The New York State Big Buck Club recently announced there’s a new record non-typical whitetail for the state and it was taken off of Long Island. The buck was taken by bowhunter Mike Giarraputo while hunting in Suffolk County on November 3rd, 2011. Giarra

Mid-January Fighting Bucks Caught on Trailcamera

ProStaff member Mike Willand captures over 150 images of a buck battle in mid-January while snow blanketed the earth.