Team Easton Repeats Total Sweep of Indoor World Cup Final

By developerFebruary 3, 2016

It’s a long road from Marrakesh to Las Vegas, but once again, the world’s elite squared off to crown the best indoor archers in the world this past weekend. Archers competed at the finals in four World target archery disciplines—Men’s Compound, Men’s Recurve, Women’s Compound and Women’s Recurve—after the grueling process of qualifying at the top of the global indoor circuit. Athletes qualified for the Final by collecting points at the four stages of the competition circuit, first in Marrakesh then Bangkok, then Nimes and lastly during the first two days of the 2016 Vegas Shoot.

Team Easton Indoor World Cup Final Winners

In the Finals, Brady Ellison of the USA faced Russia’s Alexander Kozhin for the Gold Medal Final, and the three-time Indoor World Cup champion was on fire and dropped only one point in each of the eighth, and quarter, and semifinals on his way to the gold medal. Brady, using his outdoor setup complete with his X10 arrows, poured on the pressure and won 7-3.

In the Women’s Gold Medal Final, Khatuna Lorig and Mackenzie Brown battled to a 6-2 finish, won by five-time Olympian Lorig, with her X10’s.

In Women’s Compound, Denmark’s Sarah Sönnichen defeated French star Sandrine Vandionant, in straight scoring. Both women wielded X23 large-diameter aluminum shafts in their match.

In Men’s Compound, it was a dramatic battle between Team Easton stars Reo Wilde and Jesse Broadwater, and in straight five-arrow scoring Jesse prevailed over Reo. Both shooters sported the 50th anniversary edition of the Easton X7, in size 2312.

Team Easton shooters were unstoppable at other stages of the Indoor World Cup all season, sweeping nearly every medal in every stage of the world’s premiere indoor competition circuit.

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