Facebook Finds Man World Record Shed Antler

By Hunting NetworkApril 17, 2014

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Gary Reissmann is no stranger to big shed antlers. The northern Wisconsin native has been collecting them since he was thirteen years old, owning several five and six point sides over the coveted eighty inch mark.

While driving through southwestern Wisconsin this past March admiring the beautiful countryside he posted an innocent remark along with some photos to his Facebook page bragging about the incredible bucks that have come from the area over the years. He insisted that it was likely the best place on earth to hunt big bucks. A short time later, Gary received an instant message with a few brief words and one singular picture of what he described as the biggest five point side he’d ever seen. Needless to say – Gary was instantly excited.

After several messages back and forth with the anonymous messenger and several phone calls brokering a sale with the antler’s current owner, Joe Pessina, he found himself driving five hours south to the little town of Sheridan, Illinois. There he learned of the long history of the antler and how it came into Joe’s possession. The giant five point side was originally picked up by a local farmer many years earlier and nailed to his barn. Shortly after, another man purchased it from the farmer after making a delivery. Joe then bought it off the delivery man, owning the antler for the last four years.

facebook image of record setting shed

This is the first image Gary saw on his Facebook page.  

After closing the deal Gary began his long trek north. “I was on my cell phone the whole drive home, I was so excited to get the antler scored”.

Gary was right. The antler was panel scored by two NASHC (North American Shed Hunters Club) official scorers at an incredible 98 6/8”, surpassing the previous record five point side by three inches. Among the notable measurements were a 28 1/8” main beam and an astonishing 13 7/8” brow tine.

official antler scorers for NASHC

NASHC official scorers Derrick Schilinger and Shane Indrebo pose with the new world record five point side shortly after panel scoring it. 

On the hoof, this once king of the forest easily made the top ten greatest typicals the world has ever seen. Maybe the greatest, but the world will never know. For Gary, this five point side has become one of his most treasured finds. But don’t tell him that, like any good shed hunter, he’s already looking for the next BIG thing.

gary reismann with record shed

Gary Reissmann posing with the largest five point side in recorded history. Despite its age, the antler nearly reached the 100″ mark!

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