Join The Worlds Largest Shed Hunt- March 1

Each year, thousands of outdoor enthusiasts enter America’s fields and timber looking for antlers shed by white-tailed deer. For years, their findings could only be shared with a few friends. Thanks to social media, the time has come for that to change.

Now it’s time for America to shed hunt together.

Shed Rally

On March 1, Whitetail Properties Real Estate and several of the most respected brands in the outdoor industry are calling on all hunters to participate in the first-ever #ShedRally – the world’s largest shed hunt.

What is #ShedRally? It’s anyone and everyone getting outside on March 1, hunting for shed antlers and uploading photos to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and using the hashtag, #ShedRally.

The benefits of shed hunting are endless. Shed hunting is an awesome way to learn the land, how bucks use a hunting property and what bucks survived hunting season and winter. It’s a great way for family and friends to exercise and enjoy a few hours outside. Shed hunting also is the perfect time to teach young hunters about deer sign and scout for the fall.

On top of all the benefits, Whitetail Properties will judge all photos uploaded that use the #ShedRally hashtag and pick the most original and creative users to win prizes from Realtree, Scent-Lok, Tenzing and more.

For more information about the #ShedRally, follow Whitetail Properties on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s the #ShedRally – The World’s Largest shed hunt. The hunt begins March 1.

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