New Bows From Mission® Archery for 2014

By Hunting NetworkOctober 1, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

(Sparta, Wisconsin) October 1, 2013 – Mission Archery looks forward to more growth in 2014 with the addition of the high-performance BLAZE™, the Flare™, a mid-priced single cam bow for women, and an improved Riot™. 

The Mission® Blaze™ offers smokin’ fast speed and super-smooth shooting characteristics. This comes primarily from the perimeter-weighted AVS cam system which produces powerful speed up to 340 fps and a smooth draw with 80% let off. Thanks to this highly efficient cam system, it adjusts from 26-30 inch draw lengths and 50-70 pounds of draw weight on just one set of limbs! It also features a Harmonic Stabilizer™, String Grubbs™ and a String Stop to reduce noise and vibration. The Blaze™ is available in Lost Camo® AT or Black. Overall, it’s an incredible performance bow for an amazing retail price of $599. 

2014 Mission Blaze Bow
The 2014 BLAZE from Mission Archery fires arrows at a blazing 340 fps and retails for less than $600.

The Flare™ is the first Mission® bow offered specifically for women. Weighing less than four pounds and featuring single-cam technology and a machined riser, this bow is made for women who demand a super-smooth draw, higher speed (315 fps) and more precision. The Flare™ is available in draw lengths of 24-30 inches and peak limb weight options of 60, 50 and 40 pounds. It also comes standard with noise and vibration dampening technology, including String Suppressors™, D-Amplifiers™ and a String Stop. It’s finished in Lost Camo® AT, but for a small upgrade women can get the luxurious new Pink Sparkle finish. Priced at just $449 MSRP, it is sure to be just what the ladies are looking for.

2014 Mission Flare Bow
Built specifically for women archers, the new Flare is available in a variety of draw weights and lengths and of course an optional Pink Sparkle finish.  MSRP $449.

For 2014, we’ve also lightened up the Riot™. We shaved off over a quarter pound and gave it an edgy facelift without sacrificing any of the performance and adjustability benefits it’s known for. It also now includes the new and improved String Stop and an option to add the Harmonic Stabilizer™. Weighing in at 3.85 pounds, with an IBO speed of up to 310 fps, adjustability from 19-30 inches in draw length and 15 to 70 pounds of draw weight, the 2014 Riot™ is an incredibly priced bow at $399 MSRP!

2014 Mission Riot Bow
The new, lighter, Riot still features the wide range of adjustability it’s known for along with an upgraded string stop and option to add a Harmonic Stabilizer.  MRSP a low $399.

All Mission® bows are designed, built, tested and approved in the U.S.A. They come standard in Lost Camo AT and are equipped with Zebra® Hybrid™ Bowstrings. We support all of our bows with exceptional customer service and a lifetime warranty. Visit or your local Authorized Retailer for more information.

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