Stealth Cam ZX7 Processor Boosts Battery Life and Trigger Speeds

By Hunting NetworkAugust 5, 2013

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

Unit X OPSWe all want faster trigger speeds and longer battery life out of trail cameras. This equates to less time spent contaminating our hunting area with human scent, which can lead to capturing those big bucks or bulls on the camera.

Stealth Cam, the leader in scouting camera innovation, integrates their new ZX7 microprocessor into their line of game scouting cameras, creating a new breed of technologically advanced cameras for hunters demanding higher performance, longer run time and more features for their hard-earned dollar.

Stealth Cam’s ZX7 processor will be incorporated into their line-up for 2013*. The performance upgrades in their new processor creates faster trigger speeds to help capture those fast moving bucks chasing does through your favorite hunting spot. Third party test results have consistently performed at sub-second trigger speeds.

With less time available for scouting, many hunters rely heavily on their cameras to aid in this time-intensive activity. Hunters that have experienced the frustration of checking their game cameras only to find the batteries to be dead will be pleased to learn of the increased image count per battery life. The ZX7 is pushing the envelope with improved energy-efficient circuitry, resulting in up to 20,000 images per set of batteries!

Beyond the fast trigger speeds and efficient battery life, the ZX7 has even more features being offered as part of this new technology, such as 720P High Definition Video with data time code stamping, a great tool for editing footage plus time-lapse hybrid mode giving you virtually three cameras in one complete package. Still, Video and Time-Lapse!

With the onset of high-capacity SD memory cards, the external image counter on the ZX7 processor can now display up to 99,999 frames. And programming Stealth Cam’s cameras is easier than ever before as the ZX7 boasts a Quick Set feature with three Preset modes, along with the manual set-up mode, saving frustration as you get your gear into the field.

Hunters and scouters can now appreciate Stealth Cam’s next level of scouting technology with the ZX7 processor. What matters most is inside!

(*The only Stealth Cam trail camera that will not incorporate the ZX7 Processor is the Core 8.) 

For more information, contact: Stealth Cam, LLC, 3385 Roy Orr Blvd. Grand Prairie, TX 75050, Phone: 877-269-8490, or email [email protected]  Stealth Cam is a division of GSM Outdoors. Learn more about their brands at  


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