NEW Bowjax Camo Accessories Give Hunters Gear Personality

By Hunting NetworkApril 15, 2013

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Hayden, ID – Bowjax, the innovators of the most complete lineup of bow dampening and silencing systems introduce the new camo molded accessories. The new camo pattern from Bowjax gives archers a chance to decorate their bow with color-matching accessories that enhance the overall look and attitude. 

Bowjax Camo

The Camo options are currently available for Monsterjax  solid limb dampeners as well as the X-it, and Cable Guide Dampener which are specifically built for dampening  bows. Look for more camo to come soon in our other accessories.

The Camo  Bowjax Accessories are competitively priced. 
-   Monsterjax Solid Limb Dampeners (#1022) MRSP: $12.99 a pair
-   X-it Stabilizer 4 3/8” (#1046) MSRP: $18.49 each
-   Big Jax Cable Guide Rod Dampener (#1011) MSRP: $4.49 each

The original dye was used on hard plastics. Bowjax meticulously crafted their very own recipe, ratios, and machine setup to achieve the correct color pattern.

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