Pine Ridge Archery Allows Bowhunters to Customize Their Bows in 2013 with 2-Tone Nitro String Loop

By Hunting NetworkDecember 23, 2012

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

For 2013 Pine Ridge Archery is adding a splash of color to their extremely popular Nitro String Loops. They are now available in 2- Tone colors allowing archers and bowhunters everywhere another way to customize their rig. The alternating colors on the string loop makes the loop eye catching and easy to see. The 2-Tone Nitro String Loop is made of low stretch, premium quality, braided material that is strong and durable so you don’t have to worry about your string loop breaking at the moment of truth or stretching, resulting in inconsistent shooting which can rob you of accuracy. The extra strong Nitro String Loop helps eliminate wear due to a release aid and the Nitro String Loop material can be used for tying on drop away rests.

2-Tone Nitro String Loop
• Low stretch, premium quality braided material for secure, consistent hold
• Ends burn easily for clean installation
• Available in precut lengths and bulk spools
• Eliminate serving wear due to release aid
• Extra stiff material to maintain shape
• Diameter: .085mm/ 2.16mm
• Great for fall-away rests
• 9 2-Tone colors options, including camouflage
• Made in USA

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro String Loop

The 2-Tone Nitro String Loop is medium stiffness, which makes attaching your release to the loop quick and easy. The ends burn easily, making installation a piece of cake. The diameter is .085mm/ 2.16 mm thick and is available in precut lengths or in bulk spools. The 2-Tone Nitro String Loop is made in America and is available in Silver/ Black, Red/Black, Blue/Black, Orange/Black, Lime Green/ Black, Purple/Black, Pink/Black, Yellow/Black and Camo. Solid color Nitro string loops are still available for those who prefer solid color string loops.

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