Minnesota Bowhunter Charged with Taking 21-Point Penned Buck

Last month, when 20-year-old hunter Ryan Lucas Jackson of Rushford, Minnesota went in the dead of night and cut a hole in the fence of penned deer, and shot a 21-point buck, he probably never realized the true consequences of his actions. At least, not according to the Houston County sheriff’s office, who has recently filed charges from the December 8th incident.

Jackson, apparently seeking recognition for the claimed ‘wild kill’, tagged the animal, registered it with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as required, notified a taxidermist and then posted the pictures of himself behind the giant on facebook for all to see.

kid in back of truck with big buck

Minnesota hunter, Ryan Jackson, faces felony theft charges for taking this giant penned buck.

Just one problem- the buck’s owner quickly found the hole in the fence, a blood trail, drag marks, human tracks, and a bloody arrow in the soft blanket of snow that covered his Minnesota property. They were obvious signs of a crime scene. Authorities investigated immediately.

Thanks to eyewitnesses, which included the taxidermist who caped the deer and the daughter of the farm owner where Jackson claimed he had taken the buck, within a week’s time local authorities were able to confiscate the antlers, hide, and meat, which were all returned to the owner.

The 3 ½ year old buck, used mainly for breeding, scores more than 212 inches. Its estimated value was between $15,000 and $20,000. What’s more, at least twelve other deer escaped from the hole in the fence allegedly cut by Jackson. All but two of the deer have been recovered. One of the unaccounted deer is an 8-point buck with a value of around $10,000.

white racked buck inside fence

The 212 inch breeder buck was valued between $15,000 and $20,000.

Jackson faces felony theft, three counts of trespassing, criminal damage to property, and unauthorized release of animals. His first court date is set for January 16th.


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