NEW Kowa Genesis Series – Optics that Work

By Hunting NetworkMay 31, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Kowa Genesis Series
Genesis Series/XD 33

Whether studying game from afar or counting every sticker and kicker on a trophy’s rack, you can count on Kowa’s Genesis Series binoculars to enhance your vision afield.

Kowa’s Genesis Series/XD 44 and Genesis Series/XD 33 are first to use the PROMINAR brand name, utilizing four XD lenses. The optical technology of the PROMINAR XD lens has been transferred from spotting scope to binocular while introducing the world of chromatic aberration free views. The advanced technology of the Kowa Genesis creates a brighter image with the highest contrast producing remarkable color reproduction that cannot be duplicated by normal achromatic lens. To the bowhunter, this means knowing exactly what’s about to hit the ground.

The Genesis binoculars are waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent your lens from fogging up due to inclement weather or nervous heavy breathing. The binoculars are also equipped with diopter lock control that keeps the diopter from accidentally being changed. Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, the Kowa Genesis has a close focus of 1.7m (5.5 feet), which makes it ideal for observation of your game within close range.

pair of binos

And, you can forget about carrying a heavy pair of optics around your neck. The Genesis’s magnesium alloy body decreases the weight of the binocular while providing a rugged structure that can withstand the severest conditions.

The Genesis Series/XD 44’s new prism system offers a wide field of view and edge-to-edge sharpness with minimal loss of light, maximizing your vision from before daylight to dusk. This high refractive roof prism offers near total reflectance, and when combined with Kowa’s proprietary C3 coating, the ultimate viewing experience is achieved every time.

This bow season, don’t just go afield looking around, go prepared to see something like you’ve never seen before! Kowa Genesis binoculars… optics that go beyond anything you have ever seen.

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