Fusion Vane Shooters Can Now Show Their Mathew’s Pride

Norway Industries  Fusion Vane Shooters Can Now Show Their Mathew’s Pride!

Myrtle Point, OR: Norway Industries has teamed up with Mathews to produce the new Mathews Branded Fusion Vanes.

Through their revolutionary products like Duravanes, the StringTamer, Fusion  and revolutionary Zeon Fusion Vanes, Norway Industries has garnered a loyal following from dyed-in-the-wool bowhunters and competitive shooters alike. Now, they’ve teamed up with another industry-leader Mathews, Inc.,  who is no stranger to customer loyalty, to produce the sleek and effective Mathews Branded Fusion Vanes.  Mathews Branded Fusion Vanes are available in either black or white and each features  the Fusion vanes exclusive clear base. Brilliant metallic gold imprinting showcases the Mathews logo, making them the perfect complement to any Mathew’s bow. The 2.1-inch Mathews branded Fusion vanes promise and deliver unparalleled accuracy through their proprietary designs, and are available in packs of 36.

mathews fusion vanes in black

Through an innovative blend of materials and a one-of-a-kind aerodynamic shape, Fusions vanes offer archers top-level broadhead flight, unmatched durability, reliable adhesion and the peace-of-mind that comes from having guaranteed down-range accuracy. Each high-profile Mathews Branded Fusion Vane maintains Norway’s proprietary process that takes two distinct polymers that make up the clear base and colored blade and “fuses” them together. The result is a forgiving, easy-to-fletch, highly accurate vane that knows no rival.  To learn more about Fusion vanes or to purchase them please click here.

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