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By Hunting NetworkMarch 18, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

EP Hunting Grows Peep Sight Line to Include Additional Colors and Larger Size

EP Hunting makers of the distinctive Reign Broadhead and state-of-the-art Red EYE peep sight are expanding their product offerings to include additional peep sight colors and options.
These days, it seems to customization is all the rage.  Whether you’re rockin’ a set of custom graphics on your ride or trickin’ your newest bow- the expression of individuality has never been as intense.  Recognizing this fact EP hunting will now offer their innovative Red EYE peep sights in three new colors: Black and Pink.  (Black EYE and Pink EYE) In addition to the new colors Red EYE peeps will also be available in an Extra Large 5/16inch version for added light transfer.

purple peep sights

About Red EYE peep sights:
Not just another doughnut for hunters to take aim through the precision Swiss CNC machined Red EYE is a simple yet innovative concept designed to collect and deliver more light to the archers eye while still maintaining it’s purpose of focusing the archers attention on their target and pins. Contradicting traditional concave peep sight construction, the Red EYE uses a convex entrance pupil that’s larger in size and based upon the proven design of a how a binocular or scope bell gathers extra light.  This additional light is then transferred through the exit pupil and directly into shooters eye, equaling better aiming in low-light shooting situations and the possibility to remain on stand as the soft glow of dusk and dawn tints the timber.
Available in four sizes:  Small-1/8 inch, Medium 3/16 inch, Large ¼ and the New for 2011 X-tra-Large 5/16. The aluminum construction of the Red EYE is lightweight and ultra-durable and each new color’s anodized finish allows for quick, easy and concise alignment with the archers sight and consistent anchoring before each shot.  The peep is easily centered and secured between a halfed-bowstring by way of deep radial and angular groves maintaining a secure hold no matter how many times your bow is fired.
This NEW Peep Sight will MSRP for about $9.95.

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