NEW Raptor Vane from Norway Industries.

By Hunting NetworkMarch 16, 2011

UPDATED ON: May 1st, 2015

Norway Industries Takes Off With the New Raptor Vane

Myrtle Point, OR: Norway Industries, maker of the extremely popular Fusion vane, Duravanes, the revolutionary noise- and vibration-dampening StringTamer, and a host of other useful outdoor products announces the release of their new Raptor vane.
We all know that with the crushing speeds and critical demands of today’s lightning-fast bows, vanes have become an acutely critical component to proper arrow flight. As an industry leader in vane technology Norway Industries has identified the highlights and downsides to some of the most popular vanes on the market and expanded upon their critical attributes to bring archers the new Raptor vane.

vanes in assorted colors

Like its carnivorous air-dwelling counterparts, the Raptor vane by Norway Industries is engineered to grab hold with a death-grip that is second-to-none. Gone are the days of inferior vanes falling to the floor during fletching, meeting the dirt during a shooting session, or wilting at the slightest blow from tight arrow groups. The 2-inch long, .056-inch high ultra-stealth silhouette of the Raptor takes advantage of one of today’s most popular vane profiles. Constructed of a hardwearing, semi-stiff material- the nimble Raptor marks durability similar to that of Norway’s premium Fusion and Predator vane lines.  At only 7.0 grains each, little is sacrificed by way of FOC (front of center) making Raptors a possible smooth transition for feather shooters looking for added durability or increased steering capability during wet conditions. An aggressive price-point also positions the Raptor vane as an economical alternative to similar vanes with the added benefit of the increased durability and the reliable, first-class adhesion Norway Industries is consistently recognized for.    
When compared to the competition Norway’s Raptor is a special blend of stealth, speed, agility, precision, price and adhesion, offering everything an archer could want in one affordable and reliable unit.

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