Spot Hogg Offers Bulletproof Pins On Their Entire Line Of Sights For 2011!

Spot Hogg Offers Bulletproof Pins On Their Entire Line Of Sights For 2011!

Harrisburg, OR– With a reputation for producing “The World’s Toughest Archery Products”, Spot Hogg has taken things a step further by equipping every one of their sights with Bulletproof Pins for 2011.  Spot Hogg won over the hearts of hardcore western hunters through their simple philosophy of creating the toughest, most rugged products on the market. The rigors of a single high-country elk hunt can expose major flaws in any product, and those that don’t stand up to abuse quickly find their way into the trash. One particular accessory – the sight – has been the bane of many Western hunts through flimsy, exposed fiber optics. Exasperated hunters eventually turned their eyes to Spot Hogg, and have never turned back. Now those same hunters can experience even more piece of mind knowing that every Spot Hogg sight, from the Tommy Hogg to the Right On, will now be offered with Spot Hogg’s virtually indestructible aluminum Bulletproof Pins.

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Bulletproof Pins differ from the weaker, exposed pins of lesser sights by offering fully protected fiber optics that won’t snap or crack even when slammed around on the back of a four-wheeler or dropped on unforgiving rocky landscape while glassing a mountain basin. In addition to serious durability, Bulletproof pins won’t let hunters down in low light conditions by sacrificing available light. Each pin gathers copious amounts of light and offers hunters the opportunity to capitalize at the moment of truth, even if it occurs as the last few minutes of shooting light fades into darkness.   To cater to each individual hunter’s preference, Bulletproof Pins will be available in customizable colors and three sizes – .010-inch, .019-inch and .029-inch. This provides bowhunters with the opportunity to configure a sight exactly how they want it, meaning there’s no reason to settle for anything less.   For more information on the entire line of Spot Hogg hunting products visit them on the web.

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