Aluminum Vs. Carbon Arrows For Crossbows

By Courtney KaufmannMarch 3, 20211 Comment

With the wide array of crossbow arrows available on the market, it can be a confusing process when choosing to buy new arrows. Many hunters want to know whether they’re better off with a carbon, or aluminum arrow, and the answer isn’t as simple as you think.

Check out the TenPoint video below for a full comparison between the two types of arrows…

Aluminum Arrow Pros & Cons

When considering aluminum crossbow arrows, one benefit is that they have a higher precision-to-price ratio. This means that you’ll get a great quality arrow in terms of speed and accuracy, but at a lower price than a similar carbon arrow.

Also, aluminum arrows tend to have a stiffer spine than a carbon arrow. With the speeds that most crossbows shoot at nowadays, a stiffer spine is better than a weak one. Since aluminum is heavier and stronger than carbon, another benefit is that you can create more kinetic energy with an aluminum arrow, making your crossbow even deadlier.

However, aluminum arrows have a possibility of becoming bent when shot into the wrong target, or after being shot through an animal. Once a shaft is bent, it’s very difficult to get it straightened out. This can cause accuracy issues, thus leaving the arrow too inconsistent and unpredictable to use.

While carbon arrows have become more popular over the years, many are turning back to aluminum due to some of the benefits.

Carbon Arrow Pros & Cons

One of the main reasons that carbon arrows have become so popular over last 20 years, is the fact that they’re lighter and faster than aluminum arrows. But they are also more durable as they can keep their straightness even after being shot into an animal.

With the lighter carbon arrows, this creates faster speeds and a flatter trajectory out to farther distances. But since it is lighter than an aluminum arrow, it doesn’t have that heavier punch that you would see from an aluminum arrow at distances out to 40 or 50 yards.

Since the process of creating carbon shafts is longer and more complex, they tend to cost a little more than comparable aluminum arrows. Even though they are generally more expensive, the durability usually makes up for the slight increase in price.


Hopefully you can make your decision after weighing out the pros and cons of an aluminum arrow vs. a carbon arrow. And depending on what your purpose for the arrow is, one will usually outweigh the other.

You can find a large selection of both aluminum and carbon arrows at TenPoint’s website, as well as any arrow accessories you may need.

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