Crossbow Maintenance Tips

By Courtney KaufmannMay 30th, 2023

If maintained properly, most crossbows can last you many years depending on usage. But without proper maintenance, issues can occur that might require you to replace or re-string your crossbow.

Here are a few tips for maintaining your crossbow…

Crossbow Lubrication Tips

Most new crossbows nowadays are becoming narrower, and faster. The use of a premium lubricant is essential in keeping your crossbow safe, and properly maintained.

Essentially, anywhere that friction occurs should be lubricated. Some of the main spots to keep lubricated are on the serving where the arrow rides along the barrel, as well as the serving on the end loops. If these spots remain dry, it can cause premature wear, causing the need to replace the string earlier than needed.

You should also keep the crossbows flight rail, or barrel, well lubricated. Anytime that you notice it looks dry, use that premium lubricant to keep the friction at a minimum.

General Maintenance Tips

A general rule of thumb before using any weapon, is to inspect it to make sure everything looks alright. This can be done by visually looking at the cams, cables, and limbs for any possible cracks or general issues.

Check out all the bolts where the limbs connect to the stock, and if you have a stirrup on the end of it, make sure that it’s fully tightened down. Any loose bolts or rattling sounds you hear, have the potential to affect the crossbows accuracy and loudness.


Just about every crossbow is different and requires different kinds of maintenance. Generally, most manufacturers have different recommendations for maintaining the integrity of each crossbow. So read up on your specific crossbow and make sure that you get as much out of it as you can.

Courtney Kaufmann
Courtney is a passionate bowhunter who has a love for the outdoors. If she isn't in a tree stand or a ground blind, she is most likely somewhere fishing! In her free time, Courtney enjoys photography and trying out new recipes with wild game and fresh caught fish!
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