How To Shoot A Crossbow While Saddle Hunting

By Justin ZarrNovember 14, 2022

A huge advantage of hunting with a crossbow, is the fact that you can almost always have an arrow loaded and ready. Many hunters love using a crossbow while doing spot-and-stalk hunts, or while still hunting.

But sometimes when you find good sign, it’s best to stay in place. So why not have the mobility of a saddle, with the stealth of a crossbow?

Take a look at our video on how to properly shoot a crossbow while saddle hunting.

Safety Always Comes First

Just like you would out of a regular treestand, always be cautious while towing up your crossbow. Never have it loaded, and never have it aiming up towards you while pulling it up.

Always use a lineman’s rope while climbing the tree, and make sure you’re hooked up to your tether before attempting to pull up your crossbow. Once you’ve got everything setup how you like it, the last thing to do is pull up your crossbow.

How To Shoot A Crossbow While Saddle Hunting
Stealth and mobility are just 2 of the many benefits of saddle hunting with a crossbow.

One of the benefits to using a crossbow with the ACUslide cocking system, is that it’s way easier to cock the crossbow while in a tree. If you’re using a crossbow that requires a rope cocking device, then you’ll likely have to cock it while on the ground. Just make sure it does not have an arrow loaded while you’re pulling it up.

Once you’ve got the crossbow up in the tree with you, you can now cock and load an arrow.

Things To Keep In Mind When Shooting

Something that you need to remember, and if you’re an experienced crossbow hunter you already know this, is to watch your limbs. Much like a vertical bow archer that needs to be on the lookout for limbs and leaves, while shooting a crossbow out of a saddle you need to watch out for your gear and the tree you’re in.

If you’re hugged too close to the tree when shooting, the limb or cam could potentially hit the tree when shooting and launch your shot off-target.

How To Shoot A Crossbow While Saddle Hunting
Utilizing your bridge is essential to remaining stable while shooting out of a saddle.

Another thing to remember, is to use your bridge. Depending on how high your bridge is, it can be used as an arm rest when shooting to either side of the tree.

Since it’s not possible to use a bipod while saddle hunting, your bridge can become a huge asset.

Just like with any other weapon or kind of hunting, you need to practice a few times before going out into the woods. Make sure you’re familiar with shooting from different angles, and figure out what strategy best suits you.

Let us know if you’ve ever tried using a crossbow while saddle hunting, and ask us any questions you have about crossbows or saddle hunting right HERE!

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