CenterPoint Amped 415 Crossbow Review

By Brodie SwisherJuly 27, 20206 Comments

When it comes to feature-packed crossbows at a budget price, the CenterPoint Amped 415 crossbow meets the demand quite nicely. We had the chance to lays hands on this crossbow to give it a closer look as one of the hottest budget crossbows of the year. 

It’s an award winning crossbow with a combination of value and performance, whether you’re just getting started, or have been crossbow hunting for years. Take a closer look at the CenterPoint Amped 415 crossbow in our review below.

Centerpoint Amped 415 Crossbow Review
Meet the CenterPoint Amped 415 crossbow.

First Impressions

I like the way this crossbow feels when shouldered. It’s not the smallest, or most compact crossbow on the market, but it’s slimmer and lighter in weight than many others. It has a balanced feel that’ll work for shooters of all shapes and sizes thanks to its adjustable stock. 

Better yet, the price of this rig sets it apart from most anything in its class. Typically, you don’t seem to get much when you spend under $400 on a crossbow. That’s not the case with the CenterPoint Amped 415. It’s built with slick features and a great price. 

Centerpoint Amped 415 Crossbow Review
The Amped 415 just might be the most featured-packed budget bow on the market.

Specs on the CenterPoint Amped 415


Weight – 7.80 lbs

Length – 36″ 

Width –  (axle-to-axle) – 12″ (cocked) 

Width –  (axle-to-axle) – 15.75″ (uncocked) 

Speed – 415 FPS 

Kinetic Energy – 153 FPE 

Power Stroke – 14.50″ 

Draw Weight – 200 lbs

Price – $379.99

Favorite Features of the CenterPoint Amped 415

CNC-machined Aluminum Riser – Don’t let the price fool you. This crossbow is built tough. You’ll see it and feel it the first time you get the crossbow in your hands. It starts with its rugged CNC-machined riser, built tough, laying the foundation for the Amped 415.

Whisper Silencing System – Crossbows can be loud at the shot. Some companies just accept it as the way it is. However, CenterPoint set out to make a quieter, more vibration free system with the Amped. Their Whisper Silencing System includes string stops, limb dampeners and string silencers. It’s a nice combination that certainly helps reduce noise and vibration at the shot.

Speed + KE – Rarely will you find a crossbow at this price point delivering the performance, speed, and KE you’ll find with this one. The Amped boasts speeds up to 415 FPS and kinetic energy at 156 FPE. 

Adjustable Foregrip – The adjustable foregrip is a nice, unique feature that allows the shooter to dial in the perfect fit for a customized shooting experience. It’s a nice addition for guys like me that want a versatile option for hunting with my kids, ranging in ages and size. 

Centerpoint Amped 415 Crossbow Review
The Amped has versatility built in, making it a great option for kids of all ages.

Other features you’ll find coming standard with this crossbow are an adjustable stock and crank cocker for an easy draw, as well as an anti-dry fire and auto safety system to keep you protected and eliminate accidents and misfires. 

The crossbow comes with three 20-inch carbon arrows, the parallel quiver, a 4x32mm scope and rail lube. 

Centerpoint Amped 415 Crossbow Review
Light, compact, and easy on your wallet, the Amped 415 is hard to beat for a crossbow under $400.

How it Performed

The  Amped 14 is simple to cock, whether you’re using the rope cocker or a mounted cranking device. The design is simple, so it feels safer than some of the other crossbows on the market with excessive parts, features, and functions.

I put some arrows through the chrono from the Amped 415 and consistently had speeds of 349 feet per second. It’s not the fastest crossbow out there, but still has plenty of punch to be a deadly hunting machine. 

Setting up and getting dialed in was quick and easy with this rig. You can literally go from pulling this crossbow off the store shelf, to set up and hunting in an afternoon. 

Again, with the adjustable stock, my whole family can pass the crossbow around taking turns on the range, or in  the ground  blind while on the hunt. It’s a great setup that’ll fit a variety of shooters.

Centerpoint Amped 415 Crossbow Review
The Amped 415 has plenty of speed to be a deadly machine in the whitetaill woods.

There maybe be better performing crossbows out  there, but you won’t likely find one that performs as well as the Amped 415 for under $400. 

It’s a great deal on a crossbow, regardless of whether it’s your first crossbow, or your last. 

Check it out at www.centerpointarchery.com

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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