Brodie Swisher

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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Were The Turkey Hunting Changes In Tennessee Worth It?
Were the Turkey Hunting Changes in Tennessee Worth It?

Big changes were put in place for the benefit of the wild turkey in Tennessee in recent years, but were these turkey hunting changes worth it?

How To Clean Turkey Spurs
How to Clean Turkey Spurs

Want to add a new spin on how you preserve your turkey this spring? Check out this video from Paul Morrison on how to clean turkey spurs.

Deer Vocabulary: Sounds Deer Make And What They Mean
First Case of CWD Found in Indiana

Another state has been added to the growing list of states with CWD. Officials have announced the first case of CWD found in Indiana.

turkey flock in field
MS Wildlife Commissioner Cited for Turkey Hunting Property Baited with Crickets

The latest baiting bust involves a MS Wildlife Commissioner that was cited for turkey hunting on property baited with crickets.

Vortex Launches New Eyewear Line
Vortex Launches New Eyewear Line

Eye protection meets personal style with the launch of Vortex's all-new lineup of eyewear for shooters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Match Grade Field Points Set The Standard For Archery Practice
Match Grade Field Points Set the Standard for Archery Practice

Take your archery practice to the next level with the accuracy and precision of the all-new Easton Match Grade Field Points.

The Colonel & The Fox
The Colonel & The Fox

Mossy Oak just released what could easily be the greatest conservation film of all time with The Colonel & The Fox.

How to Handle Tournament Nerves – SHOTIQ

Can you handle the pressure when you step to the line during tournament season? Here's a look at how to handle tournament nerves with SHOTIQ.

3 Coyote
How to Manage Predators on Your Hunting Property

Want more deer and turkey on your property? Learning how to manage predators on your property can be a huge benefit.

Best Turkey Broadheads For 2024
Best Turkey Broadheads for 2024

Planning to bowhunt your bird this turkey season? We've got you covered. Here's a look at the best turkey broadheads for 2024.

Best Turkey Vest For 2024
Best Turkey Vests for 2024

There's been a boom in the turkey vest business in recent years. Here's a look at the best turkey vests for 2024.

Pre Season Scouting For Turkeys
How to Find a Turkey for Opening Day

Turkey seasons will soon be opening up around the country. Here's a look at how to find a turkey for opening day.

What Factors Effect Antler Casting?
What Factors Effect Antler Casting?

What causes a buck to cast its antlers? And why is it different from the north to south? Brian Murphy has the answer in this video.

Tennessee Bill Seeks to Legalize Hunting Over Bait Amidst CWD Issues

Despite a growing concern over the legitimacy of Tennessee's CWD crisis, Tennessee House Bill 1618 would legalize hunting over bait.

Best Of The 2024 Nwtf Show
Best of the 2024 NWTF Show

The 2024 NWTF Show was packed with great people and turkey hunting products. Here's a look at some of the best of the 2024 NWTF Show.

Nwtf Show 2024
NWTF Show 2024

The Bowhunting.com crew is in Nashville for the 2024 NWTF Show. Here's a look at what we've found in the first couple days.

Bowhunting Mountain Lions In Montana
One Hunting Ban Leads to Another

Colorado cat hunters are under attack. But it won't stop there. You can bet, one hunting ban will lead to another.

Never Too Old To Bowhunt
Never Too Old to Bowhunt

Bowhunting in the later years of life won't come easy, but it can be done. Here's how to make sure you're never too old to bowhunt.

Morgan Wallen & Eric Church Buy And Bring Back Field & Stream
Morgan Wallen & Eric Church Buy and Bring Back Field & Stream

Country music stars, Morgan Wallen and Eric Church, set their sights on the hunting industry with the purchase of Field & Stream.

How To Make Deer Fat Soap With Catman
How to Make Deer Fat Soap with Catman

Ever wonder how you can utilize deer fat? Catman gives a look at how to make deer fat soap with those fatty late season deer.