Brodie Swisher

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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Florida Teen Killed By Lightning While Hunting With Her Dad
Florida Teen Killed By Lightning While Hunting With Her Dad

A heartbreaking story comes out of Florida this week as a Florida teen was killed by lightning while hunting with her dad.

Altra Arrows Review
Altra Arrows Review

The newest player in the arrow building game is Altra Arrows. Check them out in our Altra Arrows review for a closer look behind the brand.

How Does Habitat Impact A Buck's Home Range?
7 Things That’ll Go Wrong On Your Opening Day Hunt

If it can wrong, it probably will on opening day. Here's a look at 7 things that'll go wrong on your opening day hunt.

Muck Apex Pro 16 Boot Review
Hunting Gear You Should Practice With Before Opening Day

Deer season is almost here! Here's a look at the hunting gear you should practice with before opening day.

Big Buck Profile: Joe Welsh Kentucky Buck

Joe Welsh did everything right to get the opportunity at a funky bluegrass bruiser when the season kicked off in Kentucky.

Mississippi Velvet Buck Success
Mississippi Velvet Buck Success

The 2nd annual Mississippi velvet buck hunt brought success for a number of bowhunters that hit the woods for an early start to the season.

Mathews Launches 2024 Title Target Bow
Mathews Launches 2024 TITLE Target Bow

Mathews launches their finest target bow ever created with the release of the all-new 2024 Mathews TITLE bow.

Montana Hunter Mauled By Grizzly Bear
Montana Man Mauled by Grizzly Bear

Another bear attack has been reported as a Montana man was mauled by a grizzly bear while attempting to recover a deer after the shot.

Former Tennessee Deer Biologist Accuses Agency Of Inflated Cwd Numbers
Former Tennessee Deer Biologist Accuses Agency of Inflated CWD Numbers

The story of Chronic Wasting Disease in Tennessee may be taking a dramatic turn as a former TN deer biologist accuses agency of intentionally inflating CWD numbers.

Old Buck Behavior With Kenyon And Graf On Wired To Hunt Podcast
Old Buck Behavior with Kenyon and Graf on Wired to Hunt Podcast

This super cool collaboration finds Todd Graf and Mark Kenyon talking about old buck behavior on the Wired to Hunt podcast.

Bowhunter's Pre Season Checklist
Bowhunter’s Pre-Season Checklist

Bow season is almost here! Are you ready? Do you have your gear prepared? Here's a look at our bowhunter's pre-season checklist.

Big Buck Profile: A Bowhunter's 1st Buck
Big Buck Profile: A Bowhunter’s 1st Buck

Truman Sink was in pursuit of his first deer with a bow, and his first buck ever, when he encountered the buck of a lifetime.

Bowhunting Velvet Bucks In Tennessee
Bowhunting Velvet Bucks in Tennessee

The annual velvet buck weekend in Tennessee has quickly become a favorite for many bowhunters in the Volunteer State.

What I Learned From My First Logging Project
What I Learned from My First Logging Project

Todd Graf shares valuable insight on what he's learned from his first logging project on his new hunting property.

Monster No Huddle Delivers Last Minute Food Plot Option
MonsterBuck No Huddle Delivers Last Minute Food Plot Option

Whether you're running behind, or lost the first planting, Monster No Huddle delivers a last minute food plot option for your property.

4 Tick Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Spend enough time in the outdoors, and you'll have encounters with ticks. But here's a look at the 4 tick mistakes you don't want to make.

How To Kill Your Biggest Buck In The Next 10 Days
Kansas Moves Toward Ban on Bait for Deer

Meetings are in the works for the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks to present their case for a ban on baiting for deer.

How To Practice For A Bear Attack With Joel Turner
How to Practice for a Bear Attack with Joel Turner

Will you be hunting in bear country this season? Here's a look at how to practice for a bear attack with Joel Turner.

9 Ways To Make Your Treestand More Comfortable
7 Ways to Make Your Treestand More Comfortable

Comfort is king when it comes to making long sits in the deer woods. Here's a look at 7 ways to make your treestand more comfortable.

Best Gear For Backcountry Bowhunting
Best Gear For Backcountry Bowhunting

Being prepared is the key to success when bowhunting in the backcountry. Here's a look at the best gear for backcountry bowhunting.