How to Use the HuntStand App for Turkey Hunting

By Bowhunting ContributorMay 20, 2020

Still got turkey tags in your pocket? The crew at HuntStand offers a closer look at how to use the HuntStand app for turkey hunting to help you fill more tags this season. 

Take a closer look in the video below…

Public or Private - Find the Ground

Regardless of whether you’re planning to hunt private or public land, the HuntStand app will quickly help you narrow down your search. Public land hunting has grown in popularity over the last decade and apps like HuntStand are a great way to take inventory of what ground is available. The app is worth its weight in gold for the private land hunter as well with a number of features to help put you in just the right spot. Bottom line, your hunt starts with finding the right ground. The HuntStand app helps you do just that.  

How To Use The Huntstand App For Turkey Hunting
Regardless of whether you're wanting to hunt private or public land, HuntStand can help you find more land for turkey hunting.

Conduct Digital Scouting

Once you’ve selected a piece of property to hunt, you can then begin to narrow down the search through digital scouting. Digital scouting with a GPS and smartphone app is one of the greatest tools the hunter has ever known. 

With features like 3D Mapview, HuntStand allows you to do a tremendous amount of scouting without ever setting foot on the property you’re planning to hunt. You can map out your initial plans from the comfort of your couch with ample features built in to get you started on the right path to finding game. 

How To Use The Huntstand App For Turkey Hunting
Digital scouting can put you ahead of the game long before you ever put boots on the ground.

Hunt the Properties You've Discovered

Once you’ve figured out where you want to hunt, it’s time to put boots on the ground and make things happen. Get out there and hunt! Use the knowledge you’ve gained from digital scouting, combined with actual time spent in the woods to punch more turkey tags this season. 

The key is to have multiple options lined up. Don’t rely solely on Plan A. That may or may not pay off. When it doesn’t, you need to have a Plan B, C, D, and E. Make sure you have ample options to keep you in the game throughout turkey season. 

How To Use The Huntstand App For Turkey Hunting
Hunt more efficiently this season with HuntStand.

Use the App as You Hunt

HuntStand has a ton of features that allow you to constantly be updating information as you hunt. It’s a great tool to keep in front of you throughout the hunt to make notes, take inventory and make plans for your next move. You can constantly be referencing where you are, as well as where you want to be as you move about the turkey woods. This works particularly well as you attempt to navigate the woods before daylight. 

How To Use The Huntstand App For Turkey Hunting
Do you know what it takes to bring a stubborn gobbler closer? @brettjoy22


Take your turkey hunting to the next level this season by using HuntStand to help tip the odds for success in your favor. It’s a great tool to keep in the bag for locating, scouting, and hunting turkeys more efficiently this season. 

Check it out at www.huntstand.com

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