Wartorn Archery Spitfire Trainer

The Wartorn Archery booth caught our attention at this year’s ATA show with its cool name and bold booth appeal. But once inside the booth we realized the company had an equally impressive product on display at this year’s show. Meet the Wartorn Archery Spitfire Trainer.


Struggling with torque or target panic issues? The Spitfire Trainer can help.

Check out the Wartorn Archery Spitfire Trainer in the video below…


The Wartorn Archery Spitfire Trainer is CNC machined from 6061 aluminum, so it’s built tough. It’s not some cheap, toy-like, plastic trainer that’ll break or fall apart. You know it was built right the moment you place your hand on the grip. It’s unlike anything on the market, helping the archer train in shot execution for the perfect shot.


The Spitfire Trainer is the first trainer to address the issue of torque.

It has laser engraved alignment hash marks to show left and right hand torque and is topped off with a bubble level to simulate a scope vertical left and right bias. It’s even got a stabilizer hole for you to mount a stabilizer for added weight and a more realistic feel in your hand.

The Spitfire Trainer is the perfect, compact solution to help you train, anywhere you go.

It comes with 3 different color levels, as well as a carrying case, so you can pack it with you to the office, vacation, or business trips. The fact that you can take it with you in a compact package gives this trainer a big advantage over other full size shot trainers that essentially require you to lug a “bow” around with you.

The Wartorn Archery Spitfire Trainer sells for $169.99. Check it out at www.wartornarchery.com.

Brodie Swisher

Brodie Swisher

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  1. John Torchick says:

    Why not just shoot your bow? Saw this by a shop owner.

    • Garth Current says:

      Because their are a lot of places and times when you can’t shoot your bow but you could still use this.

    • Because sometimes it’s raining and/or involves a 45 min drive. Not everyone lives where they can walk out their back door.


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