HHA Tetra Max Bow Sight

The all-new Tetra Max and Tetra Max Tournament Edition sights are the latest releases from the crew at HHA with decades of time-tested features built in. You’ll find the latest innovation from HHA built in to this sight with options for both the hunter and tournament archer. Justin Zarr had the chance to grab the latest sights from HHA and give us a closer look at the features you’ll find in this new and improved Tetra series of bow sights.

Take a closer look at the new HHA Tetra Max in the video below…


The Tetra Max has multiple mounting holes for increased mounting options. Like all HHA sights, this one is adjustable, allowing you to dial the single pin in to exactly where you want it. It’s also got infinite adjustable housing for your elevation adjustments, making changes quicker and easier than ever before. The sight ring has been beefed up and bigger than before, making it easier on the eyes.

Shooting multiple arrows throughout the year? No problem. The new HHA Tetra Max includes two yard yardage wheels, making that switch between setups quick and easy. You can also change out the ultra-fine pointer for the magnifier and see your yardage marks like never before.


HHA Tetra Max

If you’re thinking about switching from a multi-pin sight to a single-pin sight, or if you just want to beef up the bow sight you have on your bow, you really need to take a look at HHA. The Tetra Max bow sight starts at $379. You can see it, as well as the complete lineup of gear from HHA, at www.hhasports.com.

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