HSS Heated Muff-Pak Review

By Brodie SwisherNovember 19, 2019

With cold weather finally closing in and frigid treestand sits becoming the norm, we find ourselves digging out the gear that’ll help us endure the days of winter in the deer woods. One new piece of gear you might want to consider this season is the Heated Muff-Pak from Hunter Safety System.

Sure, you could wear gloves to keep your hands warm, but gloves and gadgets rarely work well together. And I personally don’t like wearing the release for my bow over a glove. I tend to simply shove my hands in my pockets until I need to make a move. The beauty of the new Heated Muff-Pak is that regardless of what jacket, hoodie, or harness you have on, you’ll always have a place for your hands to stay covered and warm. We had a chance to lay hands on – and in – this new and improved Muff-Pak from the crew at HSS, and we really like what we found. Take a closer look in this Heated Muff-Pak review.


The HSS Heated Muff-Pak

First Impressions

I’ll be honest, I use to scoff at the guy wearing a muff-pak around his waist. “He oughta man up,” I’d say. But the older I get, the more I struggle to stay warm. And my hands tend to receive the worst of the abuse as my finger tips and knuckles crack every year during the cold months of winter. So, I’m over having to play the macho man role when hunting during the winter months. I no longer find shame in using hand warmers, heaters, or wearing a muff around the waist.

The Heated Muff-Pak was designed well. It’s ergonomically designed to allow you to wear it comfortably, regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing. That means it’s not binding or hard to slip your hands into. It’s quiet and super light, so you’re not adding a lot of additional bulk and weight to your gear load. The inside of this muff is as comfortable as anything you’ll ever put your hands into.


The Muff-Pak is built right – no binding – just comfort and warmth.

How It’s Built

As mentioned above, the Heated Muff-Pak is incredibly cozy on your hands. The interior is lined with soft, warm polar fleece with heat coils to keep things toasty warm on the inside. You’ll find plugs on the back side that allow for a USB connection to a battery source (not included).

hss heated muff-pak review - Muff-Pak-Plug

The Muff-Pak Plug on the backside attaches to a USB battery to deliver warmth to your hands throughout the hunt.

The exterior features a soft fleece for added comfort and whisper quiet use. It has multiple pockets on the front and back for storing your phone, gear, game calls, or anything else you want to keep handy. In fact, a lot of guys are using the muff as a fanny pack when they want to go super-light for their mobile hunting efforts.

hss heated muff-pak review - Muff-Pak Zipper

Pockets on the Muff-Pak allow you to stash gear and gadgets. It’s almost like a heated fanny pack.

The waistband strap on the muff is adjustable so you can snug it up for a good fit as you switch out various jackets and bulky layers throughout the season.

To test it out, I plugged the Heated Muff-Pak into a slim USB battery that I use to recharge my phone while hunting. I started to feel the heat coming on in just over a minute. In just under two minutes, the heat coils were rockin’ and rollin’, producing heat for my hands. A minute or two later and the muff was toasty warm throughout. It works really well, providing substantial heat, fast and easy.

hss heated muff-pak review - cuff

The Muff-Pak was built to keep you cozy and comfortable while in the stand.

I’ve only used the muff for a few hours at a time, but the company says it’ll stay heated for up to 5 hours depending on your battery’s charge and capacity.

The HSS Heated Muff-Pak sells for $59.99. It just might be the best sixty bucks you’ll spend all season. Check it out at www.huntersafetysystem.com.

Brodie Swisher
Brodie Swisher is a world champion game caller, outdoor writer, seminar speaker and Editor for Bowhunting.com. Brodie and his family live in the Kentucky Lake area of west Tennessee.
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