Mathews Flatline Stabilizer Review

By Brodie SwisherAugust 15, 2019

LAST UPDATED: July 7th, 2021

Considering Mathews has carved out its place at the top of the food chain for creating the quietest and most vibration free bows ever built, it only made sense that they’d apply some of that same creative genius to other elements of the bow as well. And that’s when the Mathews Flatline stabilizer came to life. Take a closer look at the latest archery accessory from the Mathews crew in our Mathews Flatline Stabilizer review below…


Mathews has taken their noise and vibration reduction technology to the stabilizer market.

First Impressions

The Flatline stabilizer lineup delivers a sleek and simple design, free from useless add-ons and features that often come with other stabilizers. It’s simple, yet it’s sophisticated in its dampening design to stabilize things out front. The test stabilizer I received came in a black finish that boasts a clean and sharp appearance that perfectly matches my Vertix.


The Flatline and the Vertix – the perfect combination of stealth.

Take a closer look at the Flatline Stabilizer in the video below…


Specs on the Mathews Flatline Stabilizer

The Flatline is available in 6″ ($129), 8″ ($139), 10″ ($159) and 12″ ($169) models. Color options include: Black, Lost Camo XD, Optifade Elevate II, Optifade Subalpine, Realtree Edge, Ridge Reaper Barren, and Ridge Reaper Forest. The EHS Nano is paired with a high modulus carbon fiber rod and precision machined end cap weights to ensure ultimate rigidity, while allowing you to control the amount of added weight.

mathews flatline stabilizer review - flatline-on-bow-3-(Large)

Customize the stabilization you want for your rig.

Custom Options

As mentioned above, the Flatline allows you to control the amount of weight you desire for your stabilizer. With a simple turn of an Allen screw, you can remove the end cap and add or remove weight to give you the exact weight, balance and feel you want for your bow setup. You can also customize the color options by swapping out the EHS rubber to match color accents on your rig.

mathews flatline stabilizer review - flatline-tool-(Large)

Custom options are available quick and easy.

Less is More

Take a look at the stabilizer selection on the shelf at your nearest archery shop and you’ll see that they come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately all the flashy features in many of them are nothing more than fluff to catch your eye. I’ve found that some of the best stabilizers on the market are the simplest in design. The Flatline falls in with that engineering concept. It’s simple yet effective. In fact, after a few minutes on the range with the Flatline, I was honestly finding the 6″ stabilizer to balance and perform like what I’ve experience in bigger/longer stabilizers I’ve shot in the past.

mathews flatline stabilizer review - flatline-full-draw

The Flatline provides better stabilization in a smaller package.

Mathews Flatline Stabilizer Review – Conclusion

Be sure to give the new Flatline stabilizer a look this season when shopping for a new stabilizer for your bow rig. They’re customizable, sleek, and provide the perfect blend of stabilization and noise and vibration dampening to take your bow to next level in stealth. Check them out at your local Mathews retailer or visit online at

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