Illinois Youth Turkey Hunt: Arrows are Flying! [Video]

Young Jack Alford, son of BHOD team member, Tom Alford, recently set out to kill his first turkey with a compound bow on the Illinois youth turkey hunt. Jack had killed a bird in the previous season, but wanted to move up to a compound bow this season for his next bird. It was a decision that came after much thought and discussion with his dad. He knew bowhunting turkeys would be no easy task, but Jack was up for the challenge.

Check out the video of Jack’s hunt below…


The face Jack made when he realized he had just shot his last arrow and the bird was still standing at 10 yards flogging his decoy is priceless. Have you been there before? It’s a helpless feeling, to say the least.

A big congrats to Jack on his first bird with a compound bow during the Illinois youth turkey hunt! It’s just the first of many to come for this new bowhunter as he discovers the passion for chasing critters with a bow.

Jack’s Gear List

Mission Menace Bow

NAP Thunderhead Nitro Broadhead

HME 3-Person Ground Blind

HS Strut-Lite Jake & Hen Combo Decoys

HS Strut Premium Flex Diaphragm Calls

Danner Boots

Scentlok Shirt and Pants

What about you? Comment below and let us know when and where you killed your first turkey with a bow.

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Brodie Swisher

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