Do-It-Yourself Turkey Gobble Call [Video]

With turkey season in full swing across much of the country, countless hunters are hitting the woods in search of gobbling longbeards. The gobble of a turkey is what causes us to lose sleep, skip work, and get into an abundance of trouble with our spouse. The gobble of a turkey has an unexplainable draw on those who love to play the game. But the sound of a gobble can also be the perfect draw to the turkeys on the properties you hunt. In fact, it’s one of the most overlooked calls out there for turkey hunters. It works when nothing else will. And while you can buy calls to make the gobbling sound, why not make one for yourself? Check out the video and info below on how to make your own Do-It-Yourself Turkey Gobble Call.


Do-It-Yourself Turkey Gobble Call – How to Make It

The process is amazingly simple and can be completed in less than a minute once you get the hang of it. All that is needed is a 35mm film canister, a latex balloon, and a knife or scissors.


35mm film canisters can be hard to find these days, but they’re available online if you can’t find them at an old-school photography shop.

D.I.Y. turkey gobble call cutting-tube

Use a knife or other cutting tool to cut out the bottom of the can. You basically want to create a hollow tube.

D.I.Y. turkey gobble call cutting-balloon

Cut the “mouth piece” from the balloon. This will serve as a rubber band to hold the balloon in place once you stretch it across the canister.

D.I.Y. turkey gobble call turkey-call-parts

Use a knife or scissors to cut out a small piece of the balloon that will serve as your reed or baffle on the top of call.

D.I.Y. turkey gobble call - finished-call

Once you stretch the balloon across the tube, you can use the mouth piece band from the balloon to hold everything in place. You’ll have to experiment a bit to get the right tension on the latex for the best sound.

Do-It-Yourself Turkey Gobble Call – Conclusion

The gobble tube call is quick and simple to make but can be incredibly deadly in the field when put to use on tough turkeys. Give it a try this spring. It just might be one of the best new calls in your turkey vest this season.

We want to hear from you. Comment below and let us know if you have ever used a gobble call when turkey hunting.

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  1. Christine Lippincott says:

    Great vidoe, I actually have a couple of calls ,tube calls,that need fixing . Tried latex gloves to no avail but the balloon idea is great.
    I would have liked to see more on how you actually make the sound though. I call using my natural voice and my vocals are all my diaphragm,jaw and back of tongue against the roof of my mouth. I have a difficult time using any commercial type mouth calls.. The only time I engage the front of my tongue is to spit drum and purr and put. Thanks for taking the time to teach.


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