Beyond the Box – Unboxing the Primos Stakeout Blind

We’re kicking off a new unboxing series called, Beyond the Box. As the name implies, our goal is to take you beyond the box for a closer look at some of the gear that we come across in the bowhunting, archery and outdoor industries. First up is the Primos Stakeout Blind.

Primos Stakeout Blind

Primos Stakeout Blind

We’ve seen this blind at the trade shows the last few months, but this is the first opportunity we’ve had to lay hands on the blind. Check out the unboxing video below for first impressions, setup, tear down, specs and more on the all new Primos Stakeout Blind.


The blind sells for $112.99. Check it out at

We want to hear from you. Comment below and let us know if you would use the Primos Stakeout Blind. If you like what you see with this blind, be sure to comment on the video at our Youtube channel for a chance to win the Stakeout Blind for yourself.

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Brodie Swisher

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  1. Joshua Hasty says:

    Would love the opportunity to win this blind. My little girl is 6 and will be 7 this year and went hunting with me a few times last year during deer season and this year she has asked to go turkey hunting with me and I think this would be a great took to help me get her outdoors even more by taking her turkey hunting with me.

  2. Patrick Printy says:

    I would like to have this blind because I can no longer climb trees because of my health. This would be easier and lighter to work with, and for my son to help me. I became disabled from severe rheumatoid arthritis.
    I liked and shared.

  3. Mike Peterson says:

    I’m very sorry to hear about your health Patrick, but glad your still at it. I agree and thinknit would be a great turkey set up like in the video but maybe more for crossbow the compound. I would love to try it out here in Ohio during the turkey season but I also think it would work well for late season whitetail. I know in my woods and fields seems late season the change patterns so much with the snow and rain and ice weather or not the creeks frozen or flooded they are all over and it would give me great ablility to move around more on the ground verses moving a tree stand every time. and being compact I don’t have to leave a BLind there for someone to come and take….again. This is a quick 10 second set up and take down. Perfect for quick in and outs

  4. Ryan Weber says:

    Would love to have one. Perfect for carrying along on a stalk turkey hunt and set up quickly before you hit the call and they comit to the decoy! Nice review.

  5. Ken Krir says:

    Ladylike year I took my Son and his Girlfriend out bowhunting turkey
    They both shot one 30 minutes apart
    My Granddaughter was with us and at age 9 this year she wants to shoot a turkey!!

    She has a bow but not ready yet so she now has a 20 gauge and her and I are going out and this would be a great set up for gun hunting turkey for her



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