Best Bow Sights for Bad Eyes

By Darron McDougalMay 17, 20181 Comment

One of the most frustrating complications I face as a bowhunter is my vision. I’ve never needed glasses or contacts for reading, driving or anything else, and believe me, I like it that way. However, though I’m only a pup by hunting-industry standards, my eyes aren’t what they used to be. I haven’t made the leap to glasses or contacts just yet, but it’s becoming a real possibility in my near future. I’m afraid to visit the eye doctor for that reason.

As for driving and other activities, I don’t legally need glasses — I easily passed the eye test last time I renewed my driver’s license. But, aiming with my sight pins is more difficult, especially after long days at the computer screen. I’ve found myself searching more and more for the best bow sights for bad eyes. Dull pins, especially while shooting from a blackout ground blind, make aiming nearly impossible. Likewise, overly bright pins produce a glare or halo effect that also challenges my eyes.

Perhaps you’re in the same boat and aren’t sure what to do. Don’t worry, there are bow sights that will help you aim and shoot more effectively. In the following list, you’ll likely find a bow sight that will simplify, and clarify, the aiming proposition altogether.

Let’s review several models that make the list when it comes to the best bow sights for bad eyes.

Spot-Hogg Fast Eddie XL ($299)


Spot-Hogg has long been known for building virtually indestructible bow sights. The Fast Eddie XL is just one example. Beyond its rigid construction, the Fast Eddie XL can be configured multiple ways to provide a clearer, cleaner sight picture. Bowhunters with vision impediments will favor the 1-pin and Double Pin models, which maximize your field-of-view through the circular pin housing. Another benefit is the MRT Pin Guard. The sight includes three different brightly colored scope rings to assist the shooter in acquiring and centering the pin housing in a peep sight, therefore promoting more consistent accuracy. The 1-pin and Double Pin configurations don’t limit your shooting range, either. Thanks to the geared elevation system with a new-and-improved yardage wheel, you can adjust to the yard for pin-point accuracy. Included sight tapes are also easily read and are colored coded to improve yardage reference. The Wrap Kit offers longer fibers exposed to the natural light, and an optional light can be installed for three different brightness levels. A large bubble level rounds out the reasons why Spot-Hogg’s Fast Eddie XL is an excellent choice for any bowhunter, but especially those with bad eyes.

fast_eddie XL double_pin

Fast Eddie XL

HHA Optimizer Tetra ($250)


The Optimizer by HHA Sports is the go-to for single-pin fans, and the new Optimizer Tetra represents the finest attributes yet. Bowhunters esteem the fiber-optic-wrapped scope housing, which gathers natural light to brighten the single pin. A rheostat scope ring allows the shooter to adjust the amount of fiber optic exposed to daylight, and a burst light is optional and sold separately. The bubble level is positioned for easy reference, and the fluorescent green housing ring speeds peep-to-sight acquisition and alignment. The 1 5/8-inch scope housing minimizes weight while providing a solid field-of-view, thanks to the uncluttered single-pin design. Unlike many of HHA’s past models, the Tetra isn’t a conventional slider, but rather a geared sight offering to-the-yard adjustment. Color-coded water-resistant sight tapes are included and simplify yardage adjustments. The .019-inch pin is easily identified, yet doesn’t become fuzzy or produce halo effects.

HHA Optimizer Tetra

Garmin Xero A1i ($1000)


GPS and smartwatch giant, Garmin, taps the bow-sight category with its revolutionary new Xero A1i digital bow sight. If you want maximum field-of-view, this sight brings it. It doesn’t pack traditional pins into its housing. Instead, it digitally produces a red LED dot used for rangefinding your target at full draw via a push button placed near the bow grip. Once the yardage is calculated, the red dot disappears and is replaced by a green LED dot set precisely for the shoot-for distance. This eliminates the step of operating a conventional rangefinder prior to drawing back. The Xero A1i’s housing is enhanced with a bright green circle, and the bubble level helps shooters identify and correct bow cant. The digital screen is positioned above the housing for easy reference. The Laser Locate feature and 1-year battery life complete the package.

Garmin Xero A1i

Trophy Ridge React Alpha ($189.99)


 Trophy Ridge is no stranger to the bow-accessory category, and many bowhunters use nothing else. The React Alpha is a single-pin bow sight designed for durability, functionality and user-friendliness. It’s a driver-style sight that harness React Technology which, after just two yardage adjustments, intuitively sights in the remaining yardage indicators. Those yardage indicators, by the way, are colored so you can identify yardages simply by referencing the colors. Micro-windage and -elevation adjustments comprise a virtually tool-less design. Unlike other single-pin sights, the React Alpha features an inverted V-shaped pin topped with a .019-inch bright green fiber-optic pin. The scope housing provides a generous window, while a bright scope ring is easily acquired in dim lighting conditions. A rheostat light can provide additional brightness, if/when needed.

Trophy Ridge React Alpha

TruGlo Range Rover Pro ($245-258)


A cluttered sight picture makes aiming a real challenge, which is why TRUGLO solves the dilemma with its Archer’s Choice Range Rover Pro bow sight. Ralph and Vicki approved, the Range Rover Pro keeps the shooter’s sight window squeaky clean with only a single or double LED pin — choose the configuration you like. Even at longer ranges, you can aim more precisely because you’ll see more of your target than with conventional sights. The Range Rover Pro offers a yardage-adjustment wheel for to-the-yard accuracy. A bright white scope circle and vivid bubble level promote consistency, and the 80 pre-marked yardage tapes are colored at the 10-yard increments for easy reference. With 11 LED brightness settings, you’ll find a level that works for you in every condition/application. Laser-etched elevation and windage marks help you monitor adjustments made so you can truly fine-tune your rig and maximize accuracy.


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